NCR Silver Eases Operations at Vegan Café & Juice Bar

February 24, 2018 01:00 PM



“A healthy diet is a natural way to improve overall health,” says Godfrey Lewis, owner and founder of Avocado Vegan Café & Juice Bar.


Godfrey Lewis owns and operates Avocado Vegan Café & Juice Bar in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Godfrey, a former software engineer, is four years into owning his first business. With zero restaurant experience, he opened Avocado Vegan in March of 2014 with the goal of facilitating and encouraging individuals to eat healthier and live a cleaner lifestyle.


“I had always loved the world of yoga, alternative medicine and natural health, so with some research I decided to open a vegan restaurant.”


And the quick-service spot has been thriving ever since.


“Only 10% of my customers are vegan, the rest are brought in by curiosity, the desire to eat better or because they just like my food,” says Godfrey.


Here’s how the NCR Silver point-of-sale system eases their operations and daily pain points:



Ease of Mobility


Avocado Vegan Café & Juice Bar recently upgraded from NCR Silver on iPad to NCR Silver Quantum.

The employees at Avocado Vegan use NCR Silver to take customer orders right at their table. This decreases the time it takes to get orders to the kitchen and increases efficiency with servers using multiple tablets at once.


“I love NCR Silver’s ease of use for me and my employees. It fits all of our needs and has really grown with my business over the past four years.”


To reduce transaction time, the system’s digital signature setting allows customers to add a tip and sign a credit card receipt on the screen.


“My servers love the tip functionality of the software since it’s how they make most of their money,” says Godfrey.



Marketing and Social Media


One of the many aspects of NCR Silver that Godfrey uses and loves is the customer marketing aspects of the system. He uses traditional marketing techniques to advertise his deals to customers, but he also uses social media and SMS marketing.


“Through Facebook and Instagram, I run discounts and promotions. But we also use our loyalty provider, Fivestars, to text discounts to loyal customers.”


Fivestars is one of the many third-party loyalty platforms that integrates with NCR Silver.


“I love that NCR Silver integrates with other providers, the return on investment has been very high with this feature, so I’m happy with it,” jokes Godfrey.



Shop Small This Black History Month


The month of February is officially Black History Month, and we’re seizing the opportunity to highlight black-owned, NCR Silver-powered businesses that are making a difference within their local communities.


Godfrey’s advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs? He says, “Do what you think you would enjoy and focus on providing offerings that help others. If you only do it for the money, it won’t be worth it.”


Be sure to shop small this month and every month at Avocado Vegan Café and Juice Bar in Alpharetta, Georgia. They’re open Monday through Saturday from 11 am to 8 pm.