Talking one-on-one with shoppers

By : Scot DeLancey

January 08, 2015 09:37 PM

It’s the start of a new year, and with that comes a surge of industry insights and media coverage about retail trends and predictions for 2015. The discourse runs the gamut from the latest disruptive retail technologies to preparing for October’s EMV deadline, but one common thread that seems to come up time and again surrounds the notion of innovation in shopper engagement.


It’s no surprise that this would be a top trend, priority, and driver for retailers large and small in the specialty goods space. The rise of the new well-informed and well-connected shopper has been steadily building momentum for years, with today’s consumers firmly in control when it comes to when, how, and what they buy. Segmenting them into broad categories is no longer enough to hold their interest or share of wallet. The challenge, then, is for retailers to break out of the pack by conversing one-to-one shoppers in a meaningful, relevant way.


One of the most powerful resources retailers can use to accomplish this – and as a result, keep them coming back again and again – is their sales staff. As the in-store representative of the brand, the sales associate can create looks, make personalized recommendations, inform shoppers of special offers and promotions, and more. Using customer data and preferences, associates can transform their role from cashier to consultant, tailoring the enjoyable and convenient retail journeys that build your best shoppers.


Because we know the importance of engaging shoppers on an individual level, we are excited to introduce our new Sales Advisor application for Windows. Available for fixed POS or mobile devices, its comprehensive sales-and-service capabilities make it easy for associates to access rich customer profiles, preferences, and purchase histories to guide shoppers during the decision-making process – then complete the transaction on the spot. Being able to interact with shoppers one-on-one before the point of purchase delivers that personalized, high-touch service they expect. At the same time, it helps retailers maximize upsell and cross-sell opportunities and helps build loyalty.


As we look at the year ahead, engaging the new empowered shopper will be more important than ever before. The question retailers must ask themselves is if they have the tools for effective one-on-one conversations with their shoppers that will help them stand out in a sea of choices.

Scot DeLancey

Solutions Director, Department & Specialty Retail

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Scot is responsible for NCR’s global channel and department and specialty retail solutions portfolios. He works with global retailers to implement omnichannel and mobile software solutions that improve customer experience and drive growth for retailers.