Service and Payments Going Mobile at DSW

February 03, 2013 04:00 PM

As shoppers continue to demand better and different experiences from the stores they frequent, retailers are exploring and adopting mobile point of sale (POS) technology to engage, serve and upsell those shoppers.  For instance, employees at DSW Inc., a leading branded footwear and accessories retailer, will soon be coming out from behind the counter to offer shoppers service and product advice and take payments with the chain's expanded use of NCR Advanced Store POS software. Advantages of bringing mobile POS via tablet devices onto the store floor include:


  • Sales associates can easily assist customers in finding items out of stock at the store they are in, but available at another store or on the retailers' website, so shoppers leave happy and stores capture more business;
  • Loyalty program information is available anywhere, allowing associates on the floor to personalize the shopping experience with relevant product advice and make additional product recommendations based on shoppers’ past purchases;
  • Increased checkout capacity and agility at peak periods like holidays, weekends or major store sales days;
  • The ability for sales associates and sales managers to perform back office functions on the store, increasing customer service by keeping more associates on the store floor;


DSW worked with the NCR Global Consulting Group to design an engaging mobile POS experience for customers and store associates.  The chain recognized that creating a mobile POS experience that delights shoppers and drives store revenue and efficiency is much more complex than simply arming store employees with tablet devices and sending them out on to the store floor. “There are many elements retailers need to consider when creating a mobile POS strategy that simultaneously delights customers and drives business results,” said Dr. Marcia Crosland, director of NCR’s retail consulting group.  “We have seen that planning is critical for success as an implementation that works for a mass merchant most likely will need to be different for a luxury retailer, a boutique or a grocery store.” “NCR’s mobile POS optimization practice is focused on ensuring the design of the entire shopping experience is maximized to deliver the most effective consumer experiences possible and drive the most business for the retailer,” Crosland said. "DSW’s mission is to optimize the consumer experience in our stores making it easy and efficient for consumers to purchase the shoes they love,” said DSW Executive Vice President of Store Operations, Carrie McDermott.  “Deployment of mobile point of sale in our stores is designed to enable our store associates to get closer to the customer." Mobile POS is clearly a major new tool for serving today's increasingly time-starved, technology savvy shoppers. Still, implementing the right mobile POS solution takes strategic planning and research to ensure the retailer offers a solution that meets shopper needs and expectations.