Say hello to ENCOR - helping you keep pace with the retail giants

By : Jim Yantis

March 07, 2017 07:50 PM

For small and medium-sized retailers, it can be a real challenge to keep up with the big players. Consumers expect a polished, smooth experience at every stage of their journey, and for less-sizeable companies, this can prove difficult.


That's why we've recently introduced our new ENCOR solution to give these retailers the power they need to compete. We introduced it to the world at February's NGA show in Las Vegas with two days of demos in apacked booth and a glitzy “Light the Night” party at the Mirage Casino's famous RHUMBAR and now we're excited to roll it out to companies throughout North America.


The launch was a great event, and between the seminars, the demos and the party, it really helped introduce the software to the market. But it was also a lot of fun to be able to celebrate the next evolution in retail tech with food, drinks and even hand-rolled ENCOR branded cigars side-by-side with our partners and customers. 


Why the need for ENCOR?

Attendees got a unique opportunity to learn about the great benefits of ENCOR, but if you couldn't make it, you may be wondering what can it do for you? Today's retail landscape is crowded and more demanding than ever. Yet a few big players still dominate. In 2015, Amazon alone was responsible for more than half of all ecommerce growth, and 23 percent of all retail growth. That's a big chunk of the market, so how do other firms go about taking some of this for themselves?


The key is to make sure you're offering a unified shopping experience that people want to engage with. Simply providing products and services you think people need is no longer good enough. Having the right software tools is essential in achieving this, and is often the difference between the top performers and those that trail behind. 


But many retailers may not even be aware of whether they are a leader or a laggard when it comes to unified commerce. And if your business is among those that don't know where they fall on this spectrum, you may not be fully aware of where you're falling behind, or what you have to do to catch up.  


What ENCOR can do for you

ENCOR - available exclusively through an authorized NCR Interact Partner Program - helps get you ready for the future of the unified retail landscape, and is a foundation you can build on for years to keep up with the big brands.


The best performing retailers focus on three key areas when it comes to building an effective unified commerce experience. These are ensuring a seamless shopping experience across all channels, boosting customer loyalty and creating a 'wow' factor in store. A unified commerce benchmark study conducted by IHL for NCR names an up-to-date, unified commerce enabled POS as one of the definitive pillars of winning in retail. 


ENCOR gives an up-to-date, fully connected system to help you achieve these goals by hooking up all parts of your operations, from POS and front-office functions to back-office operations. This gives you a complete, end-to-end store management solution to help you compete more effectively.


Investment in solutions to boost unified commerce is on the rise. The IHL study shows 86 percent of software spending goes on solutions to support this, so if you're not fast to act, you'll risk falling even further behind.

If you want to learn more about what ENCOR can do, you can request a demo or find more information on our site. Here, you can also find out whether you're a leader or a laggard by taking our short quiz.

Jim Yantis

Senior Software Product Manager

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Jim is responsible for developing and implementing NCR’s software strategy and solution roadmap for the small and middle market in Food, Drug, and Mass Merchandise. He has over two decades of retail experience in software development, architecture, sales and product management.