How retailers can more effectively engage with today's tech-savvy consumer


In this video Kevin Briggs - an evangelist for our European retail solutions, based out of the London office - discusses how retailers can more effectively engage with today's tech-savvy consumer.


-Consumers expect and demand a high level of service from today’s retailers across a broad range of shopping touch points and channels


-Retailers must create a consistent message, brand and value proposition across these channels through an effective strategy that effectively enables them to shift to a digital shopping experience for consumers


“Improving range fidelity creates increased product availability in a small format stores by up to 500% and in larger format stores by up to 50%.”


-Transactions should be seamless and transferable between the different shopping channels…from online to mobile to kiosks. Our endless aisle kiosk solution can extend the range of products in-store as part of a retailers’ ‘complete commerce’ strategy


-Single items can be offered in different sizes and colors…what is termed ‘range fidelity’. This can increase the availability of products by up to 500% in smaller stores and 50% for larger stores


-Kevin 'Denise' Briggs demonstrates how our endless aisle kiosk solution makes life easier for those shopping for wedding outfits by helping them match the color of items they already own (e.g. a dress), or find accessories with contrasting colors



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