Provide Customers an Engaging, On the Go Experience with the NCR R10 Mobile Shopper

By : Idan Shaked

August 19, 2015 08:45 AM

Today, customers expect a lot from their relationships with retailers and they want useful services to support their shopping experience. Each piece of their journey should be constant and complementary, so it is vital to provide a frictionless experience, regardless of the channel or device used. Mobile applications have reshaped the retail landscape and have quickly become the popular means to provide true value and produce intimate, two-way customer engagement.


According to TimeTrade, 50% of consumers use their mobile device to research products, over 60% to compare prices, and 46% use mobile to search for the nearest store location.


NCR R10 Mobile Shopper provides that ability. Creating a personalized mobile shopping experience, the solution offers a comprehensive set of mobile-based functions and services that apply to a broad range of retail touchpoints both within and outside your grocery store. From smart, connected shopping lists to local store guidance to diverse payment options, R10 Mobile Shopper empowers retailers and consumers alike.


R10 Mobile Shopper smoothly integrates with your existing systems to allow consumers to check an item’s price, view product information, access to special offers and promotions and scan their grocery items as they shop. Additionally, the application also enables users to create virtual shopping lists before going to the store, further increasing the speed, convenience and ease of their shopping trips.


R10 Mobile Shopper is an integral part of delivering an optimal checkout experience that offers your shoppers self-service options and control. By offering customers these options, you can better understand and articulate how they engage and what motivates their purchases and generate customer loyalty through great customer service. Additionally, refining your commerce technologies is essential in order to innovate ahead of the market, strengthen relationships and ultimately expand your business.

Idan Shaked

Idan Shaked

Product Manager, Retail Solutions Division

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Idan is the R10 mobile shopper product manager, working with solution management in the Retail solutions division. He's been working on the mobile shopper product since its first days, covering mobile solutions for both online shopping and traditional stores.