NCR #1 Among Retailers Considering Upgrade to POS Software

Retailers plan to spend on POS in 2014—and we’re honored to lead the way


Let us explain . . .


IHL Group specializes in researching technologies for the retail and hospitality industries. They asked 90 North American retailers about their future purchasing intentions. Those results were shared during a session at NRF 2014. Here are the highlights:


Types of retailers surveyed  


Tier 1 and Tier 2 retailers, with revenues between $500 million and $5 billion


What retailers are focusing on most


Retailers want to reinvent their business in 2014. Mobile, web and social have changed shopper behavior and expectations, and this is the year retailers plan to adapt.


How retailers plan to spend


Retailers plan to spend on hardware and software that helps them connect with customers in mobile, web and social channels. Expect to see an uptick of 5.1% in IT spend from last year, with POS hardware and software leading the way followed by mobile technology.


Who they’re spending on


This is where we can’t help but feel proud—32% of the retail participants said they are considering NCR as a POS software vendor. And 53% of those were Tier I retailers. Here’s a breakdown the categories with the strongest interest in NCR:


  • 67% of department store
  • 56% of food and grocery
  • 50% of drugstore
  • 40% of hospitality retailers



 Source: 11th Annual IHL/RIS News Store System Study - Stores Reinvented 2014[/caption]


Top tiers, across multiple retail categories? We’ll take it.


OK, thanks for giving us a moment to boast a bit. But more importantly: we hope all of this data got you thinking—how will you reinvent yourself in 2014?