Piecing the Puzzle Together: Carving a Path to Omnichannel

By : Roger Walker

September 29, 2015 12:00 PM

The need for an anytime, anywhere approach to retail has been steadily growing over the past several years, yet we continue to see the same challenges persist with retailers successfully actualizing it. Clearly more than just a trend, omnichannel represents a veritable shift in consumers’ shopping habits and expectations, which means retailers’ capabilities need to follow suit. A recent report by The Economist indicates that some online retailers such as Amazon and eBay demonstrate a well-integrated Web, phone, and mobile presence as well as efficient payment and delivery systems. However, the same report shows that most traditional retailers have been slow to realize this level of continuity across channels.


The price for this lack of consistency? Customer loyalty – an increasingly valuable commodity in the crowded retail landscape. 75% of consumers in The Economist’s report said they’d stop doing business with a company following a bad experience, and more than 50% said they’d tell family and friends.


The challenges retailers face in delivering a 360-degree experience are daunting, so perhaps it’s not surprising that 94% have “significant barriers” to becoming an integrated omnichannel company, according to Forrester/Accenture. Executing costly, time-consuming systems overhauls, bridging the gap between the physical store and newer channels (online, mobile, wearable’s, etc.), and both connecting and future-proofing disparate technologies are some of the key pain points that come up again and again.


We’ve been working shoulder-to-shoulder with retailers since 1884. We’ve heard their challenges and their goals first-hand, and understand the multi-faceted strategies involved in tackling their problems. That’s why, when it comes to addressing perhaps the biggest challenge retail has seen in recent history – achieving true omnichannel – we have developed a solution that converges the retailer’s perspective with the new consumer’s growing demands.


We call this solution NCR Retail ONE, a revolutionary commerce hub that facilitates a fully connected retail ecosystem. Built on a next-generation omnichannel platform, it comprises a vast array of retail services and enables connections to existing/legacy applications such as POS, self-checkout, and more. This way, NCR Retail ONE helps leverage existing assets while providing the capabilities to rapidly deploy new ones, so retailers can remain nimble and prepared for as-yet-unseen trends and developments.


Building the omnichannel puzzle is a process that goes piece by piece, but with NCR Retail ONE, we can help retailers do it more quickly and efficiently – and get them to a truly complete picture. To learn more about how retailers can make omnichannel a reality, please download our white paper.

Roger Walker

Strategic Product Manager, Food, Drug, and Mass Merchandise Industry

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Roger has been providing software technology to grocery and fast-moving consumer-goods retailers for 30 years. He now leads product strategy at NCR for the food, drug, and mass-merchandise industry.