NCR Supply Chain Has New Name, New Way to Serve Customers

By : Tim Henschel

February 06, 2014 09:19 PM

Todd Michaud, global vice president and general manager of NCR’s new Global Enterprise, Merchandising and Supply Chain (GEMS) business unit, shares his thoughts on some exciting news and offerings from NCR.


Q: Why the name change from NCR Supply Chain to GEMS?


A: We thought rebranding ourselves Global Enterprise, Merchandising and Supply Chain—or GEMS—would better communicate to our customers, prospects and the industry that our solutions go beyond just supply chain management. With the merger of NCR, Retalix and Radiant, we have developed a comprehensive technology offering that brings true meaning to the NCR mantra “Commerce Made Complete.” We can help any wholesale distributor or retailer improve any aspect of their business with our hardware and software systems. Whether they want a single best-of-breed solution or a suite of products, we can deliver what they need, when they need it.


Q: What is the new focus of GEMS?

A: Our key differentiator is a single, centralized data integration and business logic platform that we can create for each customer. This platform makes our end-user solutions easier, faster and more flexible to deploy. It’s a similar model to our Retalix 10 Store & Sales Channels suite, which have been a huge success in the retail industry. Our approach eliminates technology “silos” and integration barriers, offering distributors a more simplified method to organize and operate their supply chain systems.


Q: What product offerings will be available?


A: We bring a wide range of technology to support fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) retailers and distributors. Our primary solution categories include:


  • Supplier Relationship Management—helps distributors manage interactions with and purchases from vendors and suppliers
  • Merchandising Optimization—provides demand-driven replenishment of warehouses and stores and features category analysis, promotion management and more
  • Strategic Asset Management—manages the movement of goods throughout the supply chain and includes NCR’s WMS, TMS, yard management and dock scheduling technology
  • Store, HQ and Warehouse Optimization—ensures that supply chain, store and HQ operations are synced, and that sales force and delivery personnel have automated and mobile tools to simplify and enhance their capabilities


Q: How will GEMS work with other NCR business units?


A: GEMS works closely with the NCR Retail and NCR Hospitality segments to ensure best-of-breed solutions, deep industry domain expertise and seamless integration of our products and services. The result is a single provider that listens to its customers and tailors customized solutions that meet any need and boost profits.


If you’d like to learn more about how NCR can help you better manage your supply chain, contact Todd today.