NCR Executive Touts Employment Opportunities During Meeting in Israel

2013 was a sweet year for NCR. With its acquisition of Israeli-based Retalix, a leading provider of software solutions for retail companies around the world for over thirty years, Israel and Israelis are benefitting from the fruits of its purchase. NCR has expanded its employee footprint and is making a sizable investment impact in the land of milk and honey.


100+ technology jobs now available from NCR and Retalix


In its very first year, NCR added over 200 new employees to its Retalix team, creating a 1,000+ workforce in Israel. And Retalix employees have joined the senior management ranks of NCR with NCR veteran Eli Rosner coming to Israel to manage the company’s country operations.



But the company is not stopping there with immediate plans to increase this workforce by over ten percent in 2014. According to Scott Kingsfield, president of NCR’s retail division, “We have over 100 vacant positions, which we will be happy to find employees for.” NCR is eager to fill positions in software development as well as marketing, sales and business operations support.


Significant investment being made in products and people


Beyond career opportunities is NCR’s expansion of the Retalix development center in Ra’anana, which will now become the “heart and soul of our retail software division,” according to Kingsfield. Already, NCR has invested over $100 million in introducing the Retalix 10 operating system, which is considered a leading retail platform. And the company plans to invest additional millions of dollars in the very near future.


Kingsfield sees Retalix – its products, personnel and location - as a critical component in NCR’s short and long-term business strategy. “Retalix can play an important role in the change that we are undergoing, from a company known mainly as a supplier of automotive machines to a company that also has extensive software solutions. With the acquisition of Retalix, we acquired a very strong brand in the retail software market.”


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