Microsoft Provides Retailers the Next Generation of Intelligent Devices with Azure & Windows 10 IoT

By : Scot DeLancey

June 15, 2015 01:00 PM

Joining the line-up of speakers at NCR Synergy 2015 is Microsoft Corporation’s Senior Business Evangelist, John Coyne, who will be discussing how Microsoft is powering the next generation of devices and cloud-based solutions with the Azure Cloud and Windows 10 Internet of Things (IoT). Today, retailers often have a surplus of data they’re managing. Spending their time tracking inventory and inputting sales data, retailers crave simplicity when it comes to managing their businesses. Offering less complexity, Microsoft-enabled NCR technology allows retailers to take all data and analyze it in order to help them make sensible business decisions. In order to do so, companies need top-of-the-line systems containing a substantial amount of horse power, processors, business intelligence and coding to decipher large amounts of data in a short timeframe. NCR has the solution powered by Microsoft technology. By utilizing Microsoft Azure Cloud in conjunction with other SQL server products, retailers can have their data hosted and processed by Microsoft while saving time and money. This offers retailers the ability to analyze data globally. For retailers who require extra assistance, NCR can also process the data and can therefore offer the platform as a service and provide scalability for retailers. For retailers who need a significant amount of data analyzed, the system horse power and expertise that is needed can be costly. By pay for usage, Microsoft enables NCR to offer retailers the ability to simply scale and only pay for the power they require. So how can retailers benefit from using NCR services powered by Microsoft Azure Cloud? Simply put, they can scale their cloud as their enterprise grows while reducing IT asset costs as well as their total cost of ownership. By using Azure Cloud services, retailers have a singular point to gather analytics and have the ability to manage and monitor the health of numerous devices, health diagnostics and hard drives while providing certainty and an understanding of when their enterprise may be at risk. And the best part for retailers—there’s no huge capital and operational investment in technology that they don’t need. Coyne will also discuss Microsoft’s Windows 10 IoT solutions during the event, in which sensors are connected with numerous retail devices including price scanners, POS, mobile phones, the cloud and tablets on the store floor. With IoT, otherwise known as the Internet of Things, retailers can increase revenue, create new business models and reduce costs and chaos. IoT works to help retailers shape a competitive edge and redefine customer service. Microsoft is bringing better security, fast innovation and fault tolerance to the future of retail.  Be there at NCR Synergy 2015 to learn more. To learn more about the event visit the NCR Synergy 2015 website.

Scot DeLancey

Solutions Director, Department & Specialty Retail

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Scot is responsible for NCR’s global channel and department and specialty retail solutions portfolios. He works with global retailers to implement omnichannel and mobile software solutions that improve customer experience and drive growth for retailers.