How Mobile Solutions Benefit Petroleum & Convenience Stores

October 07, 2015 12:00 PM

Put it in park, run in, and grab what you need.


Whether it is at the forecourt or inside the store, speed of service is essential for c-store retailers.  Getting consumers the products needed, as quickly as possible, with a great experience is the name of the game.  However, it is no secret that consumers are asking and demanding for more.  The consumer experience is changing.  They want to be communicated to differently.  They want to shop differently.  They want a new experience.  The question I always ask retailers:  are you keeping up?


Technology for petroleum and convenience is drastically changing.  It is essential for retailers to look for new, innovative ways to serve their consumers and improve the overall shopping experience.  In an ever-changing, tech-savvy world, we see mobile solutions emerging to fill this role.  NCR mobile solutions ConvenienceGo (C-Go) and Pulse help retailers exceed consumer needs and stay on top of their business.


If you’re looking to provide mobile payment flexibility for your customers, NCR ConvenienceGo (C-Go) combines convenience, payment flexibility and personalization in a game-changing mobile payment solution. Customers want to use the payment method they prefer. C-Go provides robust mobile payment options including low cost payment alternatives with traditional options (ACH vs. credit), mobile wallets and fast, secure transactions. Consumers also want greater control over their transactions. C-Go provides them with powerful transactional capabilities including pump activation, saved customer preferences, shopping and “add to cart” functionality and e-receipts. C-Go also offers customized order functionality and saves customer preferences and order history. This information can be used to send targeted ads, promotions or messages. Additionally, C-Go, can drive customer loyalty, leverage upsell opportunities, manage vendor partnerships, and remember customer purchase preferences.


Want access to actionable information anytime, anywhere? NCR Pulse is a versatile mobile application that leverages POS data to provide actionable, real-time information to a user’s smartphone. Know exactly what is going on in your business every second of the day. With the Pulse Real-Time module, you can get instant access to your latest sales numbers and highlights interesting and unusual behavior so you can take immediate action. You’ll have full access to sales comparisons and forecasting, high-volume sales data, sales categorized by type, hour and register, video monitoring and transaction-level detail right at your fingertips. Pulse Forecourt Manager allows you to have full visibility of your fuel business. It helps ensure maximum uptime, throughput and efficiency with real-time information about fuel flow rates, tank inventory predictions, pumps not selling fuel and failing or offline pump hardware.


Additionally, Pulse offers the News Feed module, which alerts you when unordinary events happen at your store. News Feed makes it easy to configure as the system generates news articles based on historical data. Pulse Item trends is another great tool for operations, category management, and marketing teams, as it provides a detailed look into category performance. Quickly identify unit sales trends across sites for preferred item categories. Specifically, you’ll be able to view weekly item sales comparisons, promotion monitoring, weekly unit sales trend graphs and imported price book categories and increased filtering capabilities.


Mobile solutions are not an idea for the future…they are here today!  Solutions like C-Go and Pulse have quickly become popular investments for retailers in the petroleum and convenience. Our industry is changing, allowing us to reach our consumers in new ways.  I ask, are you keeping up?