Generating Loyalty for Retailers in an Omnichannel Era

By : Esther Sada

August 05, 2015 01:00 PM

One of the breakout speakers that took the stage at this year’s NCR Synergy conference was Retail TouchPoints’, Senior Editor, Alica Fiorletta, who discussed key data points, current trends and various obstacles and challenges that often prevent retailers from achieving 'omnichannel engagement. For those of you who didn’t have the chance to attend the conference, we’ve shared some of Fiorletta’s best practices for how retailers can sufficiently take a personalized approach to their loyalty management in the Age of Omnichannel.


According to Bond Brand Loyalty, consumers are subscribing to more loyalty programs today with an average number of 13.3 loyalty program memberships. However, retailers are seeing a pattern of consumers not being engaged, as only 6.7 of those loyalty accounts are currently active.


How can retailers boost these numbers and engagement with their brands? The answer is personalization. Today, customers expect a lot from their relationships with retailers and brands. Each piece of their journey should be customized, convenient and consistent throughout their entire shopping experience, including recognition of their purchase history, preferences, personalized offers, and more. This requires a communications strategy that is seamless to the consumer regardless of channel. By creating a communications strategy, the retailer maintains a strong brand and smooth engagement across all channels.


For example, retailers such as Sephora, DSW, 7-Eleven and Julep offer loyalty programs across all channels to address customers' needs. Whether they are shopping online, in-store or by mobile, shoppers should have their relevant data synchronized and readily available for their viewing pleasure. Offering customers these options enables a better understanding of how they interact with the brand and what motivates their shopping behavior.


Social media is another great way to engage customers to assist in brand building through personal discussions, reviews and recommendations. The ability for customers to share their purchase or their shopping experience on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites helps create an inclusive shopping experience that can help drive sales in an organic way that integrates with customers’ everyday lives.


Taking an omnichannel approach to loyalty programs is not a “nice to have” — it’s essential in order to stay competitive in today’s crowded market. Though they may seem small, it’s the personal touches that help better forge stronger relationships and build the loyalty that keeps shoppers coming back again and again.

Esther Sada

Marketing Manager

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Esther works with Solution Management in the Department & Specialty Retail segment to develop marketing strategies that drive awareness and demand within NCR's solution suite.