Frictionless Checkout - Delivering "Just Right" Experiences for the Customer

By : Tom Chittenden

July 30, 2018 12:00 PM

According to the Goldilocks principle, everyone likes things that are “just right” for them. And like Goldilocks, the  girl who wanders through the home of a family of bears, looking for things that suit her “just right” your customers will walk away from experiences that don’t fit their lives and they different ways they like to shop.


The role of the physical store is changing, and you may be looking for technology that’s just right so you can deliver interactions that matter to your customers. You’re working hard to transform your brick-and-mortar presence to meet changing consumer needs, improve operational efficiency, and positively impact the bottom line.


There’s a multitude of factors that influence which technologies and services are right for any retailer, but here are some of the ways you might be looking to reduce friction within your stores and rethink or reposition your enterprise:


  • Get the basics right with POS: The foundation of a superior in-store checkout experience is based on a point-of-sale system that goes beyond transactions. Does it enable high-touch service? Can it provide actionable, real-time insights that extend management’s capabilities? And how easy or seamless is it to integrate with other systems and applications (both existing and future)?
  • Increase speed, convenience, and profitability with self-service: Self-checkout can help cut queues, moves small baskets through lines more quickly, and improve front-end efficiency. Further, with labor costs on the rise, it’s also a way for retailers to automate the transaction and reallocate store associates to higher-impact tasks. Taking self-service beyond the checkout, you can enable the self-guided shopper journey to include kiosks or other stations for item lookup, self-ordering, and more.
  • Bridge the digital divide with buy-online-pickup-in-store: As the lines between physical and digital shopping channels continue to blur, BOPIS brings the online experience to brick-and-mortar and answers the call for a “buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere” shopping journey. Advanced picking solutions and mobile payment can help your staff maximize their productivity and accuracy, and deliver a convenient and easy curbside pickup experience for your customers.
  • Create a perpetual loop in the buyer journey with mobile: Want to connect with mobile-first shoppers before they even set foot in the store? Mobile solutions allow you to increase meaningful engagement with your brand throughout the buying journey – from list creation to personalized real-time offers and promotions in-store, and digital receipts. With assisted POS for serving customers with large baskets and self-checkout for those with small baskets, mobile shopping also helps cut queue times to virtually zero for customers with medium baskets.
  • Plan for a grab-and-go future: Amazon made headlines in late 2016 by opening its first cashierless physical store in Seattle. While this experience may not be in the immediate future for many (if not most) retailers, it illustrates how biometrics and computer vision are introducing an even broader the spectrum of in-store shopping experiences and catering to a variety of demographics, shopping missions and shopping occasions.


With the plethora of technologies available, determining where to start or which ones make sense can be a confusing and overwhelming process.

Take this quick frictionless retail questionnaire to find out what might best fit your unique goals, your brand, and your shoppers – and get a report that will help you understand how to explore store planning for the near- and long-term.

Complete the questionnaire today so, like Goldilocks, you can provide frictionless retail experiences that fit your business… just right.


Tom Chittenden

Vice President and General Manager – NCR Retail Solutions

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Tom leads the strategy and direction of the company’s retail business solutions worldwide, spanning the Food & Drug, Mass Merchandise, Petroleum & Convenience, and Department/Specialty segments. Prior to joining NCR, Tom held solution leader roles in numerous capacities within retail at GE, Wayne Fueling Systems and VeriFone.