Deployment Isn't Just Deployment

By : Kenya Husband

September 04, 2015 01:00 PM

Understanding What True Technology Integration Enables for Retailers


The excitement that comes with deploying new technology into your retail stores is typically not derived from the actual act of installing a device, but comes from the vision of what this new technology will enable. When retailers integrate foundational technology elements that bring to life their desired in-store experience it becomes vitally important to have a strategic deployment plan. Having the voice of an experienced deployment service consultant to guide you through the process is key.


Many believe that when adopting new technology, the task of selecting the technology-type is the biggest step to conquer and it is often done independent of a fully vetted deployment plan. Understanding your business objectives and the required in-store interactions is imperative to successfully deploying new technology.


Having a set of shiny new front-end devices for your stores without a complete integration plan executed by experienced retail service providers is similar to purchasing a high-end sports car without any consultation around how to use or integrate all its’ features into your everyday life. The car looks awesome in your drive way, but you have no idea how idea how to maximize your driving experience. When you are making a significant investment in something that could significantly impact your business, it is just as important to solicit the expertise you need to properly integrate that item into your environment.


Technology sets the foundation for valuable interactions and transactions within the store. A service provider that has deep retail technology expertise and who truly understands your unique environment can significantly impact the long-term success of your business.


NCR Retail Deployment Services brings to you over 100 years of retail industry expertise in technology solutions specifically designed for store environment. Specializing in the deployment and integration of point-of-sale, self-service, kiosk and networking technologies for retailers across the globe. Consider NCR Retail Deployment Services for all of your technology deployment needs all year round including support in the following areas:


  • EMV Liability Shift: If you are in the U.S. and are preparing for the EMV liability shift, NCR Retail Deployment Services can help you to quickly integrate your EMV compliant PIN pad devices across your enterprise.
  • Got Wi-Fi? NCR Retail Deployment Services can install or replace your in-store wireless infrastructures with the latest Wireless LAN technology and standards with the expertise to design for maximum throughput and density requirements.
  • Annual Scale Certifications: Time flies when you are having fun but don’t forget to keep your scales in compliance and certify your store scales per your states requirements. NCR Retail Deployment Services can conduct annual scale inspections, perform needed calibrations, and award certifications as per state requirements.
  • Prepare for Your Busy Shopping Season: Let NCR Retail Deployment Services help you get ready for your busy shopping season with the Peak Season Sweep Service which cleans your point-of-sale devices of the dirt, dust and build up that collects periodically throughout the year.


To learn more about NCR Retail Deployment and integration capabilities please visit NCR Retail Deployment Services.

Kenya Husband

Retail Services Marketing Lead, Retail Solutions

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