U.S. EMV Myths Debunked Blog Series (Myths 1-7)

By : Andy Sirmon

August 05, 2015 04:08 PM

Heard about EMV, but you’re not sure what’s real and what’s not? Be aware of these common myths surrounding EMV and stay in control of when and how you want to implement EMV in your restaurant.


On October 1, 2015, a liability shift is occurring as it relates to who is responsible for paying for chargebacks for counterfeit cards used at a restaurant. Between the bank that issued the credit card, the restaurant and the payment processor, whoever is least prepared to accept EMV-enabled payment cards will now be responsible for the chargebacks.

Read the EMV Myths Debunked blog series to learn more or download the EMV Myths Debunked brochure for a quick overview.


Download the EMV Myths Debunked brochure   

Myth #1

Implementing EMV in your restaurant is required and will be enforced by a government regulation or security council.

Myth #2

EMV is a requirement for complying with PCI Data Security Standards.

Myth #3

Once you implement EMV, you will no longer be able to accept credit cards with magnetic stripes.

Myth #4

EMV protects your restaurant from a data security breach.

Myth #5

EMV will rapidly achieve mass adoption in the U.S. by both consumers and businesses.

Myth #6

Transitioning to EMV is as simple as plugging in a new payment terminal.


You don’t need to worry about PCI Data Security Requirements if you use EMV.  


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