Synergy 2016 Bixolon

At Synergy 2016, make sure to learn more about BIXOLON America, the world class printing solutions provider. Their mission of “A Better Solution for Your Business” helps customers succeed by providing optimized solutions and specialized technical support.


The great thing about BIXOLON? Everyone is a potential customer. Because of the diverse and comprehensive line that includes a range of options of mobile, POS and label printers, BIXOLON is virtually in every market.  Their mobile printers have been voted #1 globally for three years straight and are used in industries from retail and direct store delivery, to amusement parks and logistics.  Their mPOS desktop printers are used mainly in hospitality and retail industries, from big box chains to mom and pop shops - providing a solution to fit every need. The list doesn’t end there.  BIXOLON houses a complete line of barcode label printers used in ticketing, warehousing and aviation as well.


With mobility the main trend steering the POS industry today, it directly affects how BIXOLON does business. In the last five years alone, BIXOLON has completely shifted focus to mPOS and creating world class solutions that are reliable and sturdy with user friendly designs.  Many of their POS and label printers come standard with Ethernet while touting options for Bluetooth or Wi-Fi pairing. To further seamless integration, BIXOLON products are smart device compatible for iOS, Android and Windows


With a passion for challenge and fearless of change, BIXOLON helps solve the printer problem. For over 10 years, they have been the go-to team for providing quick, quality solutions to printer problems found in the world. Whether specialty designed printers or customized printer related products, they stand above all their competitors. With a customer focused sales and technical service team, they work diligently to provide the best technology and experience available.


The BIXOLON and NCR teams work closely together to reach a unified objective. BIXOLON works with both the NCR sales and research and development teams in order to provide direct support to the NCR customers.  BIXOLON has been a major force in many of NCR’s initiatives and have provided complete and full support as well as expertise whenever needed.


At BIXOLON, customers and partners are the number one priority. Orders are filled faster than any other manufacturer because their company doesn’t outsource any of the products.  Removing outsourcing allows for better competitive pricing and quality control on the printers.  On top of it all, BIXOLON offers the best possible service.


For more information on BIXOLON’s printer solutions, please contact 858-764-4580 or visit BIXOLON America.




About Bixolon


BIXOLON is a leading global manufacturer of dependable innovative and advanced printing technologies that include POS, Auto ID and Mobile receipt & label printers for a range of environments. BIXOLON views its printing technology as an essential tool for any business and holds itself to the highest standards since dedication to customers is its core belief. Thus, we are devoting ourselves to developing products that utilize the most advanced printing technologies, and creating a better solution and partner for your business. BIXOLON?s FAST, FLEXIBLE and FRIENDLY approach to business has much to do with its recent success.