Navigating the Payments and Security Landscape White Paper

By : Andy Sirmon

August 11, 2015 07:41 PM

Is your restaurant having trouble navigating the payment card security landscape? The rise in data security breaches and fraudulent card use can significantly impact your business. Is P2PE the best way to go, or is EMV? Perhaps the best solution is yet to come. As the October 1 liability shift approaches, some owners are rushing to implement EMV without considering its effect on their operations. Others are waiting to see which payment innovations take hold and what their customers prefer.

Before making any decisions, carefully consider how these disruptive trends impact your business:


- The rise of data security threats
- The impact of fraudulent cred card usage
- The emergence of mobile wallets


Click to download our White paper on Navigating the Payment and Security Landscape.


Andy Sirmon

NCR Hospitality

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