Mobile POS: Why It Might Be the Right Choice for You

By : Tim Henschel

February 20, 2015 02:44 PM

According to an IHL Mobile POS Report that was published in October 2014, mobile POS shipments are expected to grow in North America in both large and small table service restaurant operators by approximately 20.4% in 2015.


One of the questions that we often get asked by our table service customers is, “how can mobile POS benefit table service operations?” Below are three questions to ask yourself:


  • Have you noticed your number of tables turned per hour is stagnant or decreasing?

  • Are you finding that it takes longer for orders to be taken, placed and routed to the kitchen?

  • On a busy night, how many comps do you have? How long do your customers have to wait for their credit card to be run through the POS and returned?


When evaluating whether or not you want to implement mobile POS, keep these three things in mind:


  1. Guest experience – Guests will see speed-of-service benefits by having their orders placed right at the table. Servers can spend much more time at the table, providing better service.       But, when you implement mobile POS make sure that you’ve thought about how you are going to manager your runners.

  2. Security – Credit card skimming is a growing concern for consumers at restaurants. Mobile POS enables your servers to take payment at the table in a few seconds. When looking at which devices you want to use for mobile POS, also make sure you ask your provider if the software and hardware are compliant with security standards to protect cardholder data.

  3. Choice of Device – Not all devices are created equal. The low cost of consumer grade mobile devices and tablets can be attractive and will work for some, but also consider the environment that they will be used in. You may want to consider a built-for-purpose hardware device designed for the restaurant industry.