Creating a Secure, Engaging Guest Experience in Your Restaurant

By : Tim Henschel

We live in a world of constant connectivity and today’s consumers expect immediate access to information around them.  One way restaurants have begun addressing this need is by offering free guest Wi-Fi, a perk that lets their patrons browse the internet, work and connect with friends, all while enjoying their time at the restaurant.


In extending Wi-Fi to guests, however, operators should take care that they are not compromising the security of their own networks.  Guest networks should be segmented and separate from POS and business networks, and in doing this, operators can leverage an additional touch point to engage with their customers by creating a splash page.


A splash page is the first web page guests see after they log on to your network.  More and more restaurants have begun using them, and they offer great opportunity for owners to learn more about their guests by asking questions about preferences, providing short surveys and capturing email addresses - even advertising upcoming deals and promotions.  Splash pages are flexible and can be tailored to a restaurant’s specific marketing and loyalty programs, asking the information that operators most want to know and enabling them to connect with customers in the way that makes sense for the brand.


Working with a company that has the expertise and ability to protect your customers’ data, as well as to provide you with another touch point with your customer that continues connecting them with your brand, like a splash page, is a win-win.


You’ll know more about your customer and enhance your own marketing programs, while turning a guest perk into a powerful loyalty driver.


Learn more about how you can protect your network while safely providing the on-the-go access your customers expect.


We want to hear from you- how are you using technology like Wi-Fi access to engage and connect with your customers?