Consumer Mobile Apps: Too Many Customers in the Kitchen

By : Jon Lawrence

The heart and soul of any restaurant starts in the kitchen. That is why it’s important to have a robust omnichannel strategy that can enable customers to place orders at any time, from a device they choose. As more consumers adopt these newer, mobile commerce channels, there are operational considerations – including an impact to kitchen operations. In a world before mobile ‘order ahead’ options, the flow of consumer orders to the kitchen at any point in time was in many ways throttled by the number of cashiers and/or drive-thru lanes. When guests can act as their own cashier, future orders queue up ahead of the customer arrival.


As more business shifts to ‘order ahead’, your kitchen production system becomes an integral part of your overall operations strategy. If you are thinking about implementing multi-channel ordering, or already have, you have to ask yourself what kitchen system(s) are you using today? Does it have the capabilities you need to manage orders that come from anywhere at any time? Do you have a good, seamless technology foundation that can connect your kitchen production to your guest, setting their expectations based on the volume of orders in your kitchen? Do you know when the peak hours are for multi-channel orders?


The explosion in the industry across new channels and devices will only continue. Smart, savvy operators will continuously improve and seek technology to meet the needs of the digital consumer and the digital employee.


In what ways is your business leveraging mobile technology? How do you think this will change operations?

Jon Lawrence

Sr. Dir., NCR Hospitality Solution Mngt and Product Marketing

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Jon has been designing and delivering technology solutions for two decades. At NCR, he helps define, develop, and market solutions to restaurant operators across the globe. In this blog series, Jon shares his insights on consumer mobile apps for restaurants.