City Winery increases speed of service using NCR Mobile Pay

By : Tim Henschel

March 13, 2015 03:35 PM

With smartphone use on the rise, restaurant patrons are using their phones more and more to search for locations, find menus and pay their bills.


The sheer volume of new online devices and digital consumer channels is pushing restaurants to rethink how they connect with and engage their customers. And that’s just what City Winery did.


City Winery is a unique facility that combines a fully functioning winery and concert space into one distinct concept, catering to wine and music enthusiasts. The concept presents some unique challenges centered on efficiency within their operations.


Concert goers are served in a small window of time before a show and a high volume of credit cards are processed at the close of a concert. City Winery was looking for an easy way to enable customers to purchase and pay much faster. As a result, City Winery implemented NCR Mobile Pay with PayPal integration.


NCR Mobile Pay transforms the guest experience, allowing guests to pay on demand via their mobile device. NCR Mobile Pay also gives guests the choice to use their existing PayPal account to complete the payment, in addition to a credit or debit card.


In an environment where guests want to avoid interrupting their experience during a concert, NCR Mobile Pay offers an alternative to reach staff instantly without leaving the concert floor. Before the show starts, guests can use the Order Another option to get another glass of wine. When the show is coming to an end, guests can pay and tip at any time without having to wait for a server to bring the check.


They can also immediately give feedback on their experience at City Winery. After implementing NCR Mobile Pay, City Winery has seen an increase in its speed of service during the restaurant’s busiest times. In addition, check averages have increased and average tips have increased from 18.6 percent to 19.4 percent. Management, staff and the guests all benefit from the Mobile Pay solution.


Scott Dannenbring, who manages City Winery New York, says he appreciates the customer feedback he can receive from the solution and his servers appreciate the freedom to deliver a great guest experience. His customers are happy with its ease of use and the ability to browse their bill and pay directly from their smartphone.


Watch this video to hear more from Scott on how Mobile Pay has helped make the City Winery guest experience exceptional.