6 Takeaways from NCR’s Panel on Restaurant Technology

By : Mark Buonagurio

It’s not every day you get four brands in a room discussing your business. At the International Restaurant and Foodservice Show in New York this past Tuesday, we did. We hosted a panel on 6 Technologies Successful Restaurateurs Can't Live without. Panelists  included:


Dean Jankelowitz, Jack’s Wife Freda; Michael Chernow, The Meatball Shop; Bobbie Lloyd, Magnolia Bakery; Giancarlo Fiorarancio, Shake Shack


And posed the questions:  What are the technologies you can’t live withoutWhat’s vital to your everyday operation? And where, if anywhere, could you cut a corner and save your money?


From their mouths, here’s what I learned:


1. Do not skimp on restaurant technology. (In fact, when I asked our customers what they could skimp on, they couldn’t come up with an answer.)


2. Data is gold. It has to be actionable, now! (What good is week old data? You need to make decisions in real-time.)


3. It should help you sleep. Or rather, give you peace of mind so you can sleep. (Invest in a robust point-of-sale system. This is your business.)


4. It’s critical for your POS system to expand and grow with your business.


5. Customer experience is #1. So technology shouldn’t interfere with it. Just help it.


6. They’re betting on mobile payments as the next big game-changer for the industry.