5 Key Ingredients for a True Omni-Channel Customer Experience

By: Jessica Bryant

April 28, 2017 12:00 PM

Imagine a world where your guests experience your brand as if every channel — in-store, online, mobile apps, kiosk and more — were one. Every touchpoint is familiar, whether it is in-person or represented by an emoji…personality at every transaction. 

Man wear smart watch in everyday lifestyle. He using smart watch for omnichannel. Concept for business, omnichannel, multi payment and other.

For many restaurants, the world of omni-channel engagement is still an elusive promise. While most operators have invested in digital technology and marketing efforts, many still need a targeted approach to reach audiences on their preferred ordering and delivery channel. 


Too often, guests experience a brand as a series of isolated events. The ‘Order, Pay, Earn Rewards’ process in-store is vastly different from the online experience, and in many cases, both are completely separate from the mobile transaction.  


So how can your restaurant offer a true omni-channel experience? We’ve identified 5 key ingredients that will help you be successful:


  • Flexibility – Your guests expect a quick, easy and convenient experience when interacting with your brand. Give them the flexibility to order, pay and earn loyalty any way they choose – whether online, on your mobile app, through 3rd party delivery services or in-restaurant at a kiosk or with one of your staff members.

  • Consistency – Your guest should have the same experience regardless of what channel they use to interact.  This means that your brand identity and user journey needs to be consistent cross-channels and in your restaurant.  Be careful not to create silos around each of your channels using disparate systems for your mobile app, online ordering and in-store engagement.  

  • Personalization - Your guests want real time interactions that are tailored to their buying history, preferences and behaviors. Most consumers are willing to share their personal information with you, but an expectation is then set that the experience you deliver will use that information.  Look for technology that enables you to easily capture customer data and leverage it to create better marketing programs.

  • Unification - Can guests customize their favorite orders and save their preferences without having to recreate them each time? Does an order placed through a mobile app go directly to your kitchen without rekeying? Make sure that all third party applications are smoothly integrated into your platform so that every friction point is eliminated.

  • Agility - Everything is social, whether you like it or not. So why not use social media, analytics and customer feedback to quickly respond to market preferences? Scalable cloud-based systems help you make decisions in real time so that you can quickly pivot when a slow daypart erupts with a rush of incoming orders.


Creating a true omni-channel customer experience begins with the technology foundation within your restaurant.  Look for a technology platform that enables you to embrace mobile and cloud capabilities and share information seamlessly across multiple systems to deliver the experience your guests now expect.