Millennials & Business Banking: Are You Ready – Episode 1

Get to know the Millennials in your market to earn their trust and their business for years to come.


Millennials are both tech-savvy and financially savvy. They are early adopters when it comes to innovation, an increasingly profitable market segment, and they are longer-term customers due to their age. For these reasons, large companies, industry analysts and even community financial institutions have begun to take notice and strategize on the most effective ways they can appeal to this special group of people and engage them as both retail customers and small business customers.


This 4-episode web series is aimed at helping smaller and community banks and credit unions understand who Millennials are, how they think and make decisions, and share best practices on how to capture and grow them as business customers.


Episode 1: Who are Millennials?

Episode 1 provides an overview of what defines this market segment, Millennials’ views on business services and how these views impact the way they think about financial services.



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