Making sure your ATMs stand out and attract customers

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Competition is fierce in today's banking world. Customers are more demanding, less loyal and have more choice than ever before. So how can banks meet these changing consumer expectations, acquire new customers and build customer loyalty?


One of the big challenges for today's banks is how they can build a strong visual brand image that clearly identifies them as a business. And one factor that needs to play a big role in this is the ATM, as this will often be the primary face of a brand to a consumer.


The public face of a brand
An ATM therefore needs to be seen as a 'business card' of a company - something that represents the brand and what it stands for. ATMs not only display a bank's logo, branding and the messaging it wishes its customers to identify them – but show off your entire corporate identity. Getting this right is vital, as this is seen by scholars as essential to building a business and interacting with customers effectively.


Van den Bosh et al. noted in 2005: "Corporate visual identity (CVI) comprises all the symbols and graphical elements that express the essence of an organization. Although it is by far the most visible and tangible asset in the armory of tools used by the majority of organizations in their interaction with the outside world, the role of CVI is scarcely mentioned in studies on corporate reputation."


In today's environment, it's not enough to provide strong functionality - banks must do this in a way that looks and feels modern and takes inspiration from today's ubiquitous digital gadgets.

Capturing customers' attention
A strong visual identity is essential to any business, although of course, it's only the first half of the equation. By marrying this with an outstanding customer experience, banks can leave a lasting impression on consumers and ensure long-term loyalty. Therefore, having the right tools to achieve this can reap huge benefits.


The latest generation of ATMs offer great opportunities to interact with customers and build a strong visual brand image at the same time. For example, brands can use dynamic color customization to create enticing imagery that helps their machines stand out from the crowd, while the ability to interact on a large, full-color touchscreen with inputs such as swipes and pinch-to-zoom reflects what today's consumers expect from all their digital interactions.


In a world where many ATMs remain utilitarian in their design, combining a user-friendly personalized interface and the newest, most powerful and efficient ATM technology allows a brand's personality to really break through and stand out from the crowd.