Knocking down silos with omni-channel monitoring and management

By : Lisa Kellermeyer

March 10, 2016 01:30 PM

ATM ANZ 060509_NCR_03881Device and transaction management is an essential part of managing the self-service channel. Going beyond availability monitoring, these solutions can increasingly deliver business intelligence information on performance, availability and consumer transactions One of the biggest challenges banks now face is integrating these management solutions into an omni-channel environment and a new report on the industry reveals the extent to which silos remain a big factor.   Silos ATM Marketplace surveyed 106 ATM-operating financial institutions (FIs) from around the world, with most respondents saying they take a siloed approach to self-service channel management and monitoring. A quarter (24 percent) of the respondents have a single omni-channel management system for all distribution channels - including ATMs/kiosks, branches, mobile, online and digital signage. Three-quarters (76 percent) manage the channels as silos. For monitoring systems, 27 percent have a single omni-channel solution, while 73 percent do not. Around 30 percent of the FIs polled plan to migrate, leaving a substantial number who are either unsure or have no intention as of yet to break down their silos. “A key barrier to omni-channel integration is legacy systems,” Lamberto Spadari, systems manager at Italy’s Banca Marche, said as part of the survey. Meanwhile, many spoke of the organizational changes required for moving away from siloed monitoring and management. This migration will require everyone to be at the same table, providing their requirements. The case for omni-channel Omni-channel monitoring and management is about building a “360-degree real-time view of customers’ needs and behaviors,” said Ed O’Brien, director of Mercator Advisory Group’s Banking Channels Advisory Service. At the heart of this issue is improving the customer experience. “C-level bank executives realize the importance of offering good customer experience if their bank is to remain a primary FI for their customers,” he added. “Banks are moving to omni-channel so they can compete more effectively against the direct banks and the new innovative payment companies as well as against other incumbent banks.” As consumers bank through various platforms - mobile, branch, online, ATM, often in the space of a few hours - the experience needs to be consistent. And breaking down the silos to achieve the omni-channel view will help banks achieve amazing consumer experience.

Lisa Kellermeyer

Global Marketing Manager

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Lisa Kellermeyer is a Global Marketing Manager for Management Solutions, based at NCR's World Headquarters in Duluth, GA. Lisa is responsible for the marketing of NCR's Financial Device and Transaction Management portfolio.