Improve real-time channel management with Pulse Banking

By : Lisa Kellermeyer

November 15, 2016 08:00 AM

Effective self-service channel management remains a top priority for banks and credit unions. It helps to ensure that your resources are being deployed as efficiently as possible and improves the customer experience through greater choice and consistency across channels.


Like many other business processes with the potential to deliver tangible benefits, it can prove very difficult to get channel management right. That's where solutions such as Pulse Banking from NCR can come in.


How Pulse Banking aids channel management
Officially launched in January 2015, Pulse Banking is an app for Android and iOS mobile devices that allows you to see a range of information about your ATM network in one place, removing the need to track data through a number of different desktop applications. This puts more power in the hands of bank associates, branch managers and executives to see what's happening across the self-service network and take any necessary action.


The solution provides information including real-time analytics of network performance, incident management data, a geographical status display and system alerts for managers and staff. Newly added features include the ability to open a service ticket and track the status of technician’s arrival.


The Pulse Banking app is free to download for NCR customers who use APTRA Vision, the next generation self-service device management platform that powers Pulse Banking and is designed to manage operational performance, with the ultimate goal of delivering the best possible consumer experience. By contributing to a higher standard of customer service, solutions such as these can help you to win new business, strengthen brand loyalty and improve revenue generation.


Why self-service channel management is so important
In our modern age of ultimate consumer convenience enabled by smartphones, apps and universal internet access, more and more people are demanding the option to manage their financial affairs independently. It's crucial to ensure your networks of self-service devices are managed as efficiently as possible, so your customers receive the sort of consistency and reliability they want.


Research by Accenture has suggested that one of the most effective ways of achieving success in self-service banking is by focusing on customer adoption and the delivery of genuine value for users. Publishing its findings, the professional services and technology firm said successful self-service is "not something banks do to their customers," but "something they develop with their customers."


Accenture recommended a number of strategies that can help banks to realize the benefits of the self-service revolution, one of which is analyzing customer transaction data to ensure services are aimed at the right demographics in the most appropriate locations.


It's also important to remember that the significance of self-service banking extends beyond simply giving consumers more control and lowering costs for your business. Given the regularity with which customers use them, self-service channels can prove much more effective for marketing and personal engagement than more old-fashioned methods such as in-branch promotion and leaflet distribution.


So executed effectively, with the help of solutions such as those offered by NCR, self-service channel management can help you deliver a range of positive results that make life easier for customers while helping your business to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and generate additional revenue.

Lisa Kellermeyer

Global Marketing Manager

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Lisa Kellermeyer is a Global Marketing Manager for Management Solutions, based at NCR's World Headquarters in Duluth, GA. Lisa is responsible for the marketing of NCR's Financial Device and Transaction Management portfolio.