How NCR Passport can benefit you and your customers?

By : Marnie Thorp

May 09, 2017 12:00 PM

In today's fast-paced, always-on world, an increasing number of banking customers want the flexibility to access their accounts and complete simple tasks, such as making deposits, whenever and wherever they want.


This is where systems like NCR Passport, a dedicated enterprise hub for remote deposit capture (RDC), can prove invaluable. This omni-channel solution provides a single, flexible platform that enables customers to complete check deposits at a branch, through an ATM, online, at corporate or small business locations and via mobile.


Read on to find out more about this RDC solution and how it can benefit your business and your customers.


A few fun facts
Here are a few statistics to give you an idea of what NCR Passport is capable of:

  • The largest volume of single-day transactions for a financial institution using NCR Passport to date is 430,074 and the largest single-day dollar amount yet recorded is $464,909,598.24.
  • The system’s total value of mobile deposits by December 2016 was nearly $350 billion.
  • As of January 2016, one bank using NCR Passport had registered just over 175,000 commercial and small business users.


So how does it work?
For retail banking mobile users, NCR Passport provides a quick and easy way of depositing checks by simply using a mobile phone or tablet’s camera as a scanner. One of the big advantages of the system is security, as customers can complete their deposits immediately, meaning they don't have to worry about carrying paper checks around until they can get to a branch. Features such as cross-channel duplicate detection and item-level deposit limits help to prevent fraud.


The system can also be extended to your corporate and small business customers, who can complete check deposits securely from any business location. For corporate clients with a remote workforce such as delivery companies, NCRPassport provides the flexibility of combining desktop scanning from a central location with deposits captured using mobile devices from anywhere their business is happening and across any number of  locations.  This proves particularly beneficial for companies looking for more efficient ways of managing their time and cash flow.


For branch deposits, NCR Passport provides financial institutions with options to integrate partially, fully or outside their branch automation systems.  Tellers are able capture check deposits faster using scanning devices either at their station or at the back counter helping reduce customer queues and improving the quality of their customer service.


NCRPassport for ATM eliminates the need for envelopes, with checks deposited directly into image-enabled ATMs, which transmit the data electronically to your back office for processing. This is mutually beneficial for you and your customers, with fewer in-branch transactions giving your tellers more time to focus on other activities and speedier deposits giving customers improved access to their funds. As far as security is concerned, the system cuts the risk of fraud thanks to real-time processing and eliminates the possibility of empty-envelope fraud.


Yet another application of this technology is for customers who don't regularly deposit money in an account and don't have a strong relationship with their bank. NCR Passport offers a check-cashing function that can give the customer their cash immediately or transfer it onto a general-purpose reloadable card.


However you choose to use it, this flexible solution offers many benefits that can help to drive your business forward, from improved customer service and higher revenue to lower costs and a reduced risk of fraud.


Marnie Thorp

Marketing Manager, NCR Payments

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For over 12 of her past 30+ year career, Marnie has developed many successful marketing initiatives helping drive payment and imaging technologies including remote deposit capture for the financial services industry worldwide. Based in Waterloo, Canada, Marnie is responsible for the marketing of NCR Payments solutions.