EaaS and Staff Augmentation Solutions

By : Jennifer J LePage

October 25, 2016 12:00 PM

Dealing with the day-to-day demands of a business shouldn’t hinder innovation. Smart CEOs today are using innovation to increase the pace of growth.  You can, too!


CEOs know that in order to run the most innovative organizations and drive growth, different tools or processes are often required.   “64% of respondents say innovation and operational effectiveness are equally important to the success of my company.” 


The success of your company depends on having the most up-to-date technology and qualified team members to deliver and drive your business. However, the large up-front investments required to add a significant number of technical experts or purchase new equipment are seldom a real world option.  Finding creative ways to bridge the gap between going bold for success and managing risk and costs, while delivering against annual - make that monthly -  objectives is a daunting task for even the best CEOs


Equipment-as-a-Service (EaaS) and staff augmentation solutions can make seemingly unattainable growth and budgetary challenges a simpler reality with flexible and scalable alternatives.  With technology changing at such a rapid pace, these business solutions may be just what you need to drive growth and leapfrog your competitors.


EaaS -  it’s not just about accounting actions on a balance sheet or capital versus operational spending.  Get ahead of the technology curve.
Companies often equate ‘up-to-date technology’ with massive upfront investments or making ‘trade-off’ decisions on spending.  EaaS offers an alternative to traditional technology purchases.  With EaaS you can have leading-edge hardware and software on a subscription basis while maintaining business performance and minimizing the financial impacts.


In addition to bringing you the latest technology, an EaaS model can help you maximize cash flow and give you expanded global coverage.  Now is the time to act as most economists believe that the era of “zero interest rate” policy is nearing an end, which should spur smart businesses to invest before rates increase.  


Beyond the financial considerations involved in an EaaS decision, you’re typically locked into an equipment purchase until you decide to make the next purchase. With EaaS we allow you to choose specific equipment and expand / refresh technology as your business continues to grow - all within a set monthly budget.


And last but not least, an EaaS decision is about more than just the technology.  A global partner can help you deploy, maintain, manage and optimize that solution throughout the contract.


Around NCR we say, “Talent sets you free.” It’s true
Whether it’s about growing your business, adding advanced technology skillsets or just delivering a particular short-term project, the right talent can make it happen.  The “State of the Contingent Workforce Management Research” study finds that nearly 35% of today’s total workforce is comprised of non-employee workers including temps, freelancers and statement of work (SOW) based contractors.2  If your organization isn’t taking advantage of alternative staffing models, you may be missing out on ways to optimize your costs.  Here are a few ways a staff augmentation approach can help:


  • Minimize time consuming recruiting and hiring processes: Staffing for your dream team isn’t as easy as it sounds. The process of sourcing, interviewing and screening entails long hours and dedicated resources. Staff augmentation services help you find the perfect candidate for the job by taking care of recruiting, screening, reference validation and background checks so that you have a list of targeted, qualified candidates based on your specifications.
  • Expand your technical resource pool: To remain competitive, your business must employ the most qualified people with the latest certifications and technology skills. This can be a challenge from both a budget and supply perspective. Staff augmentation services provide a global network of qualified resources that can extend your team so you can deliver on mission-critical projects.
  • Meet aggressive project deadlines: When you’re faced with time-sensitive projects or seasonal fluctuations, staff augmentation allows you to expand your team with targeted skillsets for a specific timeframe without worrying about incremental training and certifications.


Whatever the reason, and wherever the need, we’d love to help. Learn more about NCR’s EaaS and Skilled Workforce Staffing solutions for the Telecom and Network Technology industries.




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Jennifer J LePage

Program Manager, Telecom & Technology Field Services Solutions

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