8 Ways to Drive Adoption of Your Banking App

November 19, 2019 08:00 AM

When it comes to digital banking, it’s no secret what customers want. They want convenience. They want an easy-to-use app. And they want it to work fast, whenever and wherever they are. In short, they want it all.


But it doesn’t matter how great your app is if no one knows about it—and the timesaving, convenient features you offer. So, here are eight tips to help you promote your banking app—and drive the adoption, engagement and revenue results you want to see. 



1. Engage & Train Your Staff  


Before introducing the new or updated app to your customers, create awareness among your customer-facing staff and make sure they’re trained on how to promote and speak to the amazing features and experiences they can expect.


Along the way, gather feedback and document your team’s questions to help you develop in-product FAQs for your customers.


Also, assign internal “product champions” who know the product well and can serve as a go-to for other staff who may have questions. 



2. Be Irresistible


People see thousands of messages a day. Thousands. Which means your messages are getting lost in that sea of thousands (along with all those ads you’re seeing for other banks).


So, if you want your bank’s app to stand out, you need to focus on the benefits. What do people REALLY want? What's a benefit they can't live without? How do you give that to them?


Brilliant brands thrive when they tap into people's emotions. (Psst: Emotional response to an ad is “a stronger influence on purchase intent than an ad’s content by a factor of 3:1.”)


Consider an ad about cloud photo storage. Which is more compelling:
“50 Gigs of Storage Space” or “Save up to 10,000 of your cherished photos”?


When it comes to your bank or credit union app, zero in on the most helpful, uplifting part and start with that as your focus. 



3. Go Big with Your Campaign


The more people who see your message, and in more places, the more likely they are to pay attention—and take action. 


That’s why we suggest getting the word out about your app or new feature all at once, in a cohesive, complementary campaign that also includes a strong call to action: “Download the App” or “Get Started Now” versus “Learn More,” for example.


You’re trying to get your app noticed—which calls for using every digital tool, account and platform in your marketing toolbox.



4.  Amp it Up


The principle behind the old marketing adage is that it takes seven exposures to a marketing message before a prospect will respond.


Microsoft conducted a similar study and found that number to be between six and 20 exposures.


Psychologists call it the “mere exposure effect,” seeing it as a kind of classical conditioning. (And now that you’ve seen this repeated here three times, you’re more likely to remember it.)


So, make it easy for people to see your message by continuing to promote it EVERYWHERE. Talk about your banking app online and in-person. Create an email or SMS campaign to remind users to download and use it. Create physical signage for your branches or deploy digital banner ads at the top of your online banking portal.


That's the amplification effect. And it can really boost your efforts.



5. Ask People to Do Something


If you’re going to ask for someone’s attention, command it—and then reward that attention. People are busy. And they’re likely to remember you and what you’re offering if their experience with you is…well, memorable.


How do people remember things? They get involved. That’s why your marketing material should always include a call to action. Include them in emails, on webpages, print collateral, ATM advertisements—you name it.


Make it as easy as possible for people take action and engage with your bank or credit union.



6. Keep it Going


You’ve done it—you’ve launched your mobile banking app and things are looking good. But now isn’t the time to let off the gas. Consistently and frequently promoting it will boost awareness of your app.


And don’t just talk about your new technology, either. Keep people coming back with compelling stories, examples and fresh information. That’s how you stay top of mind.  



7. Cross-Promote, Cross-Promote, Cross-Promote    



Like we mentioned at the beginning, rolling out a mobile banking app means getting all marketing hands on deck and aligned on the same strategy—and while you’re at it, why not cross-promote some of your other digital technology, too?


Paperless statements? Digital receipts? Zelle? With the right design and minimal messaging, you can get two messages in the space of one.



8. Keep a Close Eye on Your Numbers


How are your emails doing? Lots of opens and clicks? How about those social ads? How many mobile users are you reaching?


Track your data, especially mobile app downloads. Every bank's or credit union’s customer base is different, and some tactics work better than others. Stay flexible and try things out and you’ll begin to home in on your best overall strategy for attracting new customers—and delighting the ones you already have.


Remember, there’s a lot of noise out there in the market, and a lot of competition (not to mention shrinking attention spans). So, try using tips like these to generate and keep attention on your banking app so you get the adoption, engagement and revenue you’re looking for.