3 key support services for peak ATM performance

By : Lorie Bonham

June 07, 2018 12:00 PM

Amid all the exciting change and innovation taking place in the global banking industry at the moment, the ATM has demonstrated that it has a key role to play in delivering services and facilitating engagement between consumers and their banks.


A report published by McKinsey in December 2017 revealed that 62 percent of consumers in Germany and 54 percent in the US favored ATMs and branches for their banking needs over digital channels. The same could be said of 51 percent of respondents in France and 50 percent in the UK.


The Asia-Pacific region is home to more than half of the world's ATMs, according to Retail Banking Research. One of the key functions of the self-service channel in this part of the world - particularly in markets like India, the Philippines, Pakistan and Bangladesh - is to improve financial inclusion.


Whatever the contextual factors and business drivers might be, it's clear that ATMs remain extremely important to banks and consumers across the world. It's therefore vital to take action to help your self-service network achieve optimum performance and reliability. Here are three key support services that can help your business reach these goals:


Device management


Introducing a dedicated self-service device management solution can help your organization hit the highest customer experience standards in this channel by giving you a comprehensive, system-wide overview of your network. This level of visibility can prove instrumental in managing your business and preparing for future challenges and opportunities.


Device management is a broad space that encompasses various support services. Transaction monitoring, for example, can offer valuable insights into abnormal transaction patterns or faults. It can also provide the data required to make informed decisions about network expansion or upgrades.


Software maintenance


Having the right software in place is critical to ensure your ATMs are functioning effectively, delivering the services customers rely on while providing efficiency for the business and maintaining maximum security. But simply selecting and installing your chosen software isn't enough - it needs to be managed and maintained.


Software maintenance services can help to keep your self-service network running smoothly by providing regular updates and offering expert help when problems occur. This level of support could prove more important than ever over the coming years, as customer demands continue to escalate in our modern era of evolving financial services.


Cleaning and refurbishment


ATMs must have the necessary internal infrastructure and systems to function properly, of course, but it's also important that the machine looks clean and presentable at all times. It is one of the most prominent customer-facing representations of your brand, after all.


Simple processes, such as keeping your ATMs clean, can make a big contribution to the overall user experience and people's lasting impression of the services you offer.


Regular ATM refurbishment can also provide tangible benefits, not only for customers looking for the latest self-service features, but for the business itself. Investing in making sure your ATMs look good and perform well significantly reduces the financial risk of having to replace machines altogether.


Adopting solutions and strategies such as these can help to ensure your business achieves maximum efficiency in self-service, while customers who continue to rely on this channel receive the best possible availability and experience.