Three must-haves for an effective customer loyalty program

May 02, 2014 11:46 PM

We all want them. Happy, loyal customers. The ones who spend 10 times more than new customers. And one way to get them? Loyalty programs, naturally.


But here’s the thing: not every loyalty tool can do the trick. That old punch card, for example? Going by the wayside; no one wants a bulky wallet. And sneaky third-party programs that try to steal the spotlight? Well, we certainly don’t want those interfering with positive—and oh-so-crucial—first impressions.


So here are three tips for a successful loyalty program.


1. Keep it in the family


Third-party loyalty apps can be tempting—but they often leave much to be desired once integrated with your mobile POS. They may leave off complete customer purchase history or fail to tally rewards points. And those email campaigns you have planned? Well, you may need to go elsewhere for those, too. Above all, these apps may not always be secure or accessible. Big. Red. Flag.


2. Create personal offers and rewards


Everyone loves rewards and offers that feel like they’re made just for them. And these are fairly easy to deliver if you know who your most frequent customers are—and who your big spenders are. Simple analytics and back office reports reveal the data. All you have to do is customize your loyalty programs for each customer or shopper profile..


3. Let them know you care (and when you miss them)


Like any good relationship, you’re likely to start off with a welcome. Same with your customers: send welcome emails to let them know about your loyalty program. Follow up with social posts—like promotions on Facebook that people can choose to pick up or follow. And send miss-you emails when enrolled customers are close to redeeming their rewards.


Interested in one of our loyalty programs? Just contact your account rep and they can fill you in on all the details.


Got any other tips and tricks for keeping customers coming back?