Small business agility with big business capability

By : Nora Chisnell

April 27, 2016 12:50 PM

Entrepreneurs are visionaries who work hard to build their dream business. They are too busy running their

 business to waste time using multiple banking services. With the number of small businesses in the United States

exploding, it’s a great opportunity for community banks and credit unions to serve this audience. NCR’s Business

Banking permits financial institutions to uniquely position themselves by offering them a single platform that

scales as the business grows.



Source: U.S. Small Business Association


Because most small businesses—and small financial institutions—operate on small margins, every opportunity for

savings and efficiency counts. The financial institutions that are poised to offer a simple, rich suite of options to

their small-business customers and members will be well equipped to help revolutionize the way small businesses

conduct all their financial affairs. Released in December 2015, four banks and credit unions already offer our

Business Banking solution to their business customers and 20 more are scheduled to go live this year. Features



  • Usability: Allows financial institutions to easily administer an experience that is intuitive and designed specifically

 for the business

  • Scalability: Appeals to a wide range of business needs from small business to mid-market
  • Flexible entitlements, security and control: Provides financial institutions with streamlined administrative

   control similar to retail, and business banking, on one platform

  • Single sign-on: Easy access to business bill pay, mobile remote deposit capture and online statements


New features due for release in 2016 include adding international wire capabilities, enhancing the entitlement

engine and adding copy permissions and a mobile app.


“Having different solutions for businesses of different sizes can be challenging and costly for a financial

institution. They have to juggle multiple vendors, different logins and user experiences. Our financial

institution customers can offer their small business and   entrepreneurial customers one scalable, easy-to-use

solution that fits their diverse needs.” David Potterton, director of Digital Insight, an NCR   company, Business

Banking Solutions


Learn more about how Business Banking helps entrepreneurs focus on what they do best by making managing

their finances one less thing to worry about.