Proactive Services. NCR has a hack for that!

By : Nora Chisnell

March 03, 2016 12:00 AM

16DMO4342_DI_Hackathon_BlogFeature_digital insightIf you have ever stayed at a Ritz-Carlton hotel, used an Apple product or purchased shoes from Zappos, you probably experienced delightful proactive service. Your needs were met before you knew you had them! And your expectations were exceeded.


That was the goal of a recent NCR Financial Services hackathon where 40 global teams, focused on Digital Insight solutions, took the challenge to identify an opportunity, develop a proactive services solution and present a concept or prototype—all in one week!


kicking off with an inspiration session led by an innovation catalyst and using our design-for-delight methodology, teams across all divisions worked together to create proactive services that anticipate customer needs, eliminates steps, prevents downtime or initiates learning and development. At the end of the hackathon, a physical and virtual gallery walk permitted judges to analyze the proposals and select the winning ideas. Nearly 250 votes were cast for the winning ideas with a close tally in the final online vote. Of the many solutions identified, several of them will be implemented, whether or not they were awarded a prize. Winning teams proposed the following proactive services:


  • An intelligent logging tool that permits technical support or engineering teams to access hardware and software logs remotely so financial institutions don’t have to provide account access or screenshots when they experience a problem.
  • A configuration page that is easily found and validated before it is submitted so it can be rolled back so the financial institution can fix it with little difficulty if there is an error in the configuration.
  • A central dashboard containing the following at-a-glance, actionable data:
    • Proactive notifications on financial institution onboarding
    • Third-party verification maintenance
    • Certificate expirations
    • Real-time business performance
    • Proactive solution recommendations
    • Integrations with important cross-functional applications
    • Recording and rewarding proactive behavior


The grand prize winners developed a proactive service that gathers analytics on consumers and identifies marketing opportunities using machine learning. Using this data, we can prompt targeted customers to meet with their financial institution for information about further service offerings. In addition to coming up with some great solutions, the hackathon also fostered:

  • Proactive service at the enterprise level
  • A culture of innovation and passion
  • Technology innovation while promoting learning & curiosity
  • Employee engagement and partnership across organizations


Some of these proactive services are already in development and in the pipeline for delivery. Congratulations to the teams that participated and contributed to a successful hackathon and some terrific new and delightful services for you and your financial institution!