NCR speaks the language of innovation

By : Nora Chisnell

May 13, 2015 01:20 PM

NCR is a truly global company with offices in 180 countries all over the world, so our employees speak many different languages and dialects. But each of us shares a lingua franca: Innovation.

This common vocabulary and approach is the foundation for all we do. From the beginning, NCR has been rooted in a culture of innovation. The list is quite long, but notable examples are:

  • Receipts – the now-ubiquitous receipt is the brainchild of NCR founder, John Patterson. Facing resistance by store owners to buy cash registers, Patterson took his marketing to consumers instead. It worked, and NCR technology is still “ringing up” your payment at the pump, restaurant, or checkout. And the receipt? It is probably printed on NCR thermal paper. If you prefer to receive an ereceipt, we power that capability too!
  • LCD - John L. Janning perfected liquid crystal displays (LCD) in 1968. Like many of NCR’s inventions, the LCD was a major leap in technology that paved the way for many of our modern devices. Can you imagine life without conveniences like big screen TVs, computer monitors, touchscreens, and digital signage?
  • NCR KalpanaTM  – The cloud-based android software platform is disrupting the banking industry by being cheaper to operate, faster to deploy, and much more secure ─ it’s the world’s first to achieve PCI 4.0 certification! Paired with the NCR Cx110 thin-client ATM, with a 10-inch touchscreen that replaces the traditional PIN pad as well as integrated biometrics and cameras, it offers exceptional security and customer experiences. This innovation is just hitting the market, but in a few years it will make today’s typical ATM look like a storekeeper’s accounting journal or a bulky CRT monitor.

Our approach to innovation is Think big, start small, fail fast and scale fast. As a result, NCR holds more than 2600 patents worldwide (with more than 1450 US patents), and more than 1700 pending patent applications worldwide.

But it’s not just hardware and software ─ even our support services offer innovative solutions by doing continuous process improvement and using dashboard visualization layers of real-time traffic, weather, police activity, and  customer engineer and parts locations.

Finally, innovation extends to our highly engaged culture. In 2013, NCR began an ambassador program to give passionate employees an opportunity to share our story and create exceptional experiences in the workplace and in the community. Since then, the 300 global NCR Ambassadors have hosted hundreds of internal events, like 130-year anniversary celebrations held last year. They continue to lead thousands of employees in partnering with the community to feed the hungry, revitalize neighborhoods, fundraise for cancer research, and so much more!

At NCR, innovation is more than a buzzword. It is our native language.