NCR Predictive Services ensures system availability

By : Nora Chisnell

We’ve all been there. It’s after banking hours, and the ATM you’re about to make a withdrawal from is down. Or you’re about to buy a few items at the grocery store but a self-checkout lane is out of service and the queue is growing. NCR Predictive Services can identify potential faults and can correct them, often remotely, before they occur so our customers can guarantee higher availability and a delightful user experience for consumers. It saves you time and it saves your retailer or bank and NCR time and money in reduced service calls.


NCR has long been a leader in Predictive Services and we were recently issued two U.S. patents: one for the methodology to accurately predict IT service faults, and the second for scheduling proactive service to avoid the fault from occurring at all.


NCR’s SmartServ Predictive Services methodology goes beyond traditional preventive maintenance to identify which units to focus on, what component to fix or replace, and when to send a technician. We can collect data remotely across our Managed Services customer base to perform a centralized analysis.


NCR’s patented technology capitalizes on the ability of software components to send device alerts, configuration data and usage tallies to our expert predictive systems cloud. We’re able to leverage previous service history, environmental data and design life and threshold rules to predict when a service action is required. For example, NCR Predictive Services collects more than ten times the typical amount of operational data from an ATM— including data from individual components such as the card reader, receipt printer and cash dispenser. One NCR customer reduced its ATM downtime by a third and is now achieving network availability of nearly 99 percent, translating into an extra 20,000 hours of ATM uptime across their network.


Earlier this year, another Predictive Services milestone was achieved when the number of units enabled with the technology exceeded the 100,000 mark.


This is one way NCR is using big data and the Internet of Things to make your life easier. We are reimagining services from a model of ‘getting more feet on the street’ toward a model that uses technology-driven service that is preventive, predictive, remote, low-cost and offers a better experience for our customers and their customers—you, the consumer. Because higher availability also means a happier you.