Got your head in the clouds? NCR's cloud-based SaaS solutions deliver amazing customer experiences

By : Nora Chisnell

May 01, 2015 03:10 PM

Got your head in the clouds? NCR has headed to the cloud with software as a service (SaaS) so instead of installing software on a machine, we are delivering omni-channel solutions in the cloud that offer amazing experiences to consumers.

How? NCR’s hosted solutions provide all the features of traditional installed software plus all the features a hosted, virtual solution offers.

Speed, scalability and flexibility

In the ever-changing and competitive technology landscape, NCR’s SaaS strategy delivers the agility to quickly provision server and cloud resources, scaling to meet your needs without downtime or hardware and software installations.


Reduced total cost of ownership


NCR customers that subscribe to our SaaS solutions avoid the time and cost of acquiring and maintaining the overhead of server farms and software licenses and installation. NCR uses its own servers located around the world as well as spinning up in the Amazon cloud when needed to power our customers’ Financial, Retail, Hospitality, and Travel applications seamlessly.


Reduced complexity


Because the heavy lifting is done on the server side, businesses can focus on their business and leave the hardware and software maintenance to us. With our dashboard services, we can upgrade all software instantly and perform easy configuration management on virtually any device. NCR just introduced NCR Kalpana™, which is the biggest change to the way an ATM operates since the self-service banking channel was invented nearly 50 years ago. With its thin-client running on an Android operating system, it eliminates malwares, enables rapid deployment of new devices and ATM services, and reduces costs by up to 40 percent. Kalpana software also seamlessly blends into existing banking and IT infrastructure, connecting to existing ATM networks and other consumer-facing channels to allow transactions and services to be shared and re-used elsewhere.


Robust security


Data security is more important than ever. Moving data to the cloud removes client-based threats and enables reports, alerts and audits that ensure PCI compliance. For example, NCR Connected Payments meets the requirements of PCI and EMV, as well as preparing businesses to accepting alternative payments like mobile payments and eWallet applications. It reduces the payment data footprint in the store, substantially reducing the exposure of the business to payment data theft.


Rich data


Rich historical, financial, operational, and behavioral data enable predictive analytics that are virtually unheard of in B2B. With these deeper insights, businesses can make better and more agile strategic decisions, as well as develop more engaging experiences for their consumers. Usage data offers visibility in overall usage and patterns to tailor their subscriptions based on their actual need.


NCR’s cloud-based solutions are also a game-changer for capacity planning, proof of concepts, pilot programs, and always-on computing. They are among the many ways NCR makes the everyday easier for businesses and their customers!