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You’re looking for easier, faster, more exceptional ways to run your business and delight your customers. But with several million (maybe a billion?) pieces of content circulating every day, how can you sort through all the data to find what really matters?


Well, that’s what we set out to do: find and share the information that’s most relevant to your industry. After all, enabling 485 million daily transactions across the financial, retail, hospitality and travel industries gives us a lot of insight into tech trends, opportunities and consumer behavior. And we lay it all out in our NCR business blogs.


Here’s a quick roundup of our top posts from the last few months:




Have you heard? ATMs aren’t what they used to be. In fact, cash transactions are just the tip of the iceberg. The first-ever Bitcoin ATMs can dole out real, hard cash in exchange for the customer’s digital currency. And if you’re in the mood for swag, there are even ATMs that dispense gold. In Australia, tech-forward customers are making withdrawals without a card. They just use their mobile phones.


Keeping up with ATM technology is about more than trend watching. We know you have some technical hurdles to jump over, too. That’s why when Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP, we revealed ways to make sure your ATMs remained secure. Expert advice? You got it.



Nothing stops your patrons from having a good time like a data breach. That’s why we shared the top 5 data and network threats for restaurants—and how you can avoid them. For example, if you offer free Wi-Fi to customers, make sure they can’t find their way into your business applications!


On a related topic, did you know that restaurants that installed our digital surveillance system saw $2,900 more in total sales per week at each location? Besides stopping employee theft, we gave you some other pointers on how NCR’s restaurant technology can make life easier while creating an exceptional dining experience.


We gave you a few ways to make running your business easier, so you can focus on your customers.



What’s happening in retail? Every year, we make our way to the National Retail Federation’s Big Show to see for ourselves. This year, we brought along our newest point-of-sale technology, which is like a TV Wallet that lets advertisers send smart coupons to viewers’ mobile devices during their favorite shows.


In case you couldn’t be there, we gave you the 8 hot topics at our booth, like eReceipts and our “one-stop shop” that features the latest from Retalix, which joined NCR last year.



Airports are changing, and we went there ourselves to show you. Our own Josh Linder, an avid traveler, told us how the changes to airport club lounges would affect what people buy at the airport.


When the San Francisco Business Times reported on how people spent their money at airports, we gave you the truth, explaining that when passengers buy, they spend more than you might think. Targeted offers can encourage more passengers to go shopping in the first place.


Finally, we let you know about wearable boarding passes that could bring a touch of the future to your next trip . . . or just make you feel a little like James Bond.



What your employees wear says a lot about your company. That’s why we offered advice on dress codes that complement your company culture. So, are you jeans and sneakers or crisp, collared shirts?


Ah, one of our favorite topics: exceptional customer service. You can find ways to wow your customers by taking a look at the biggest trends for 2014. For example, did you know that the brands that win the most consumer love are the ones that show understanding, approachability and relevance?


In January, we kicked things off by showing how NCR technology plays a big role in game day experiences—and how you can get in on the action.


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