Making the everyday easier in the community

By : Nora Chisnell

March 16, 2016 01:00 PM

Ask most people, and they’ll tell you that it matters to them that their employer and companies they do business with are charitable. At NCR, we have a long, proud history of making the everyday easier not only for our customers and consumers, but also by supporting the communities in which we live and work through volunteerism and donations.







NCR Foundation


Over the past two years, the NCR Foundation has invested more than $2 million globally to support programs focused on education, disabilities, health issues and microfinance. In fact, as a result of NCR Foundation grants:


  • Students are learning about personal budgeting and how to succeed in the business world—knowledge that will motivate them to graduate high school and attend college so they can ultimately find professional success.
  • Low-income students attending Georgia Institute of Technology can concentrate on their classes and not worry about paying for food, living expenses or fees.
  • With assistance from NCR’s multimedia team and the Foundation, Shepherd Center developed a video that will assist hundreds of people with spinal cord injuries navigate the daunting task of returning to colleges.
  • Military veterans gained employment and dealt with post-traumatic stress issues in a healthy way with a therapy dog at their side. Read more here.
  • Students with disabilities in Brazil were mainstreamed into public school classes. The difference this experience will make in their lives and the lives of the students without disabilities is very important. In fact, this project is so successful that other Brazilian states want to replicate it in their educational systems! Read more about the project here.


The following infographic illustrates all of the NCR Foundation’s grants in 2015.




NCR Ambassadors


From Duluth, GA, US to Dubai, UAE and Iceland to India, NCR has more than 330 highly engaged champions, NCR Ambassadors, who lead volunteer activities and employee engagement events and celebrations. They collect funds, food, blood, books and blankets. They lead revitalization projects at schools and community centers. And they run, bike, and walk to raise awareness and donations for charity. NCR Ambassadors plant trees and recycle paper, bottles, and office equipment. They mentor children and host cricket and soccer clinics.


In 2015, Ambassadors hosted 270 events with over 25,000 participants! They organized food drives that fed 3,600 people and blood drives that contributed 1,033 pints of blood that will save 3,099 lives.


We also welcomed 45 channel partner ambassadors who have extended our philanthropic and brand reach the same way they extend NCR’s business in areas of the world where NCR does not have offices.


The following infographic illustrates the full reach of the NCR Ambassador program:




Responsible corporate citizenship is in our DNA. It dates back to the 1890s, when our then directors introduced a comprehensive social welfare program for NCR factory workers. And the tradition continues through the NCR Foundation and the global reach of the NCR ambassadors. Learn more about NCR’s corporate social responsibility here.