Making the everyday easier for new NCR employees

August 05, 2015 04:30 PM

Recruiting and retaining top talent is tough. The key to attracting the best workers is to create exceptional employee experiences that address their evolving needs throughout their careers. Once the right talent is found and hired, providing a great onboarding experience sets the course for engagement and retention.

NCR’s Wendy Smith, leader of the New Employee Experiences Center of Excellence, identified the need for an onboarding program that targets the consumer-worker and demonstrates NCR’s commitment to making the everyday easier for our new employees at 180 locations around the world.


She led the development of the NCR First Steps program with the help of a cross-functional team to transform the experience for our new hires and help them succeed early and often—from the moment a candidate interviews with us through their first year on the job. It incorporates virtual classes and a social learning platform along with live, onsite training to ensure new hires receive the information they need to get started, engage, and reduce the learning curve to full productivity.


For her visionary leadership, Wendy was named a global 2015 Game Changer by Workforce magazine, making her one of the top 25 human resources practitioners and strategists under the age of 40 who are ‘dedicated to pushing the profession forward with innovative people-management practices.’

The NCR Base Camp is a portal accessible to new hires, initiating the onboarding process before they even start their first day of work. In addition, new NCR employees receive a personal onboarding plan; an assigned “buddy” to help navigate the new terrain; virtual and live learning sessions; and more!

The technology industry is always changing, and just as NCR innovates your banking, shopping, and dining experience, we are transforming the new hire experience to meet the needs of a new, diverse workforce. Whether new hires are welcomed in our corporate Duluth, GA, USA office, a factory in Beijing, China, or a call center in Belgrade, Serbia, each of them receives the same orientation as well as a kit of promotional items, tools that set them up for success. It’s a 365-day program that gets the employee off on the right foot with checkpoints to ensure that once we recruit the best talent we get them—and keep them--engaged.

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