It’s personal! NCR tailors your shopping experience

By : Nora Chisnell

July 22, 2015 09:58 PM

Ever wished you had a personal shopper who knew your preferences and anticipated your needs before you even walk into a store? Dreamed of receiving discounts on your favorite products – right from your mobile – without clipping and carrying coupons?


As a shopper, you expect an engaging and convenient experience that delivers a seamless retail journey anytime and anywhere. You want sales associates to understand what items are relevant to your specific tastes and interests, instead of wasting time by trying to sell you something you don’t want.


NCR has been innovating the shopping experience since 1884 when we introduced the cash register that displayed the transaction total and printed a receipt so a customer had a record of the purchase.


Fast-forward 131 years, and we’re still at it. Our solutions blend your online, mobile and in-store shopping so sales associates can view items on your wish list or in your online basket, plus your shopping history and preferences. They can access this information on a fixed point-of-sale terminal or tablet, to provide superior, personalized service anywhere in the store.


These tools provide sales associates with a “little black book” of detailed profile information and a robust recommendation engine that helps find and suggest products you are interested in. This means sales staff are no longer merely cashiers, but consultants who can offer complementary product recommendations in composing an entire suite of relevant items, and quickly find them so you can get what you need and get on with your day.


And if an item you want is not available in the store? The salesperson can view inventory and have it reserved or shipped to another store or your home.


NCR Sales Advisor is the solution enabling retailers to provide this high level of personalized service to you. It is part of the NCR Advisor Suite we are developing that will ensure you enjoy a comprehensive, engaging shopper journey.


Future solutions in the Advisor Suite include NCR Shopper Advisor, which will offer you an immersive brand experience with a full product catalog, wish lists and registries, loyalty, and notifications, and NCR Location Advisor, which will work in tandem with Sales Advisor and Shopper Advisor to provide in-store positioning, dwell time and heat mapping, and proximity messaging.


Learn more about how NCR’s suite of solutions makes your in-store shopping experience quick, enjoyable…and personal: