Go the distance for charity

May 22, 2014 06:51 PM

NCR explored why volunteering is good for your company—in short, employees learn new skills, and the good feelings that go along with giving back can boost retention.


Now we’re following up with a quick example of our own.


This one stars our London team, who partnered with one of our key customers for two charity events that really got people moving. (Hint: what’s the one thing everyone can seem to rally behind? The love of sports!)


“Around the world in 80 ways” came as a challenge from Nationwide Building Society to its partners, including NCR, to travel the equivalent distance of going around the world. The challenge raised money for Sport Relief, a U.K.-based international charity that shelters homeless young people and provides fresh water and vaccines to communities around the world.


To raise money while getting some healthy exercise, our team members peddled as fast and hard as they could on exercise bikes, earning mileage for the “distance” they covered. The challenge wrapped up with a big finale in March.


During the Supplier Cycle Challenge, our own JP Flack and Hadrian James peddled “until their socks dropped off” to raise money. (“We just about survived the physical onslaught,” says Flack.)


Next up, we pulled together a dream team for football bragging rights. It was all good fun when we competed for a coveted trophy in Nationwide’s football competition. Teams from our Group Services and Supply Chain organizations in London played alongside employees from Nationwide. We may not have won, exactly, but we made it all the way to the quarterfinals!


Exceptional experiences are integral to our brand and the entire NCR family, and this one was one of them. We got a chance to strengthen our relationships with each other and our partners—while helping change lives.


Have you participated in any charity or volunteer events at your workplace recently?


Let us and others know how your company makes it easy to give back.