Game on! Check out these technology wins.

This weekend, whether you’re watching football or futbol, cheering at the stadium or from your favorite recliner, think of your ultimate game-day experience. No fumbling for tickets. No waiting in line. Just you, your sports gear, snacks and all the on-field action.


That experience is worth a lot of cash. Revenue from the sports industry in North America alone will grow to $67.7 billion by 2017, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers. Sports teams are capitalizing on this growth with features that add excitement at the stadium and new ways to stream games online. But the opportunities trickle down to other industries too, from bars with big screens to hotels near venues.


Technology helps businesses cash in on nearly every game day opportunity. Hosting a tailgate or party at home? Chances are good you used self-scan to buy your chips and dip. Watching at a sports bar? Your orders are powered by the POS system—maybe even tableside ordering. How about those game tickets? Yep, technology makes that possible, too.


As fans, and in business, we all expect the same thing: the best experiences wherever we go. Because these days, retail happens everywhere—on your smartphone, in the store, at a kiosk—so we demand more, better, faster. A recent Forbes article asserts that integration is everything, and that giving customers exactly what they want across all channels is one of the top trends in retail.


At NCR, our goal is to score points with a brand experience that’s the same across mobile, retail, kiosk and banking. We go the extra distance with expertise across the hospitality, travel, retail and financial industries. So whether your sports fan is scanning a boarding pass to catch the game of the season, checking into a hotel or grabbing a bite, we can help you make the right plays.



We’re there at the game, helping fans scan their tickets, get cash from the ATM and grab their favorite gear. Atlanta Falcons fans can even skip the line by ordering merchandise at a kiosk and picking it up at the store—no waiting, no frustration. And we can do this for your business, too.


When you drive a consistent brand, you’ll also ensure excellent serviceno matter how you’re engaging. According to Deloitte, your customers are using more touch-points than ever to ask for help and resolve issues. So . . . are you on the same playing field?


How are you using technology to create consistent experiences—on game day and beyond?