Find happiness in the journey…and destination

By : Nora Chisnell

October 28, 2015 01:30 PM

Traveling can be a hassle under the best conditions. As we head into the season when weather events can disrupt our travel itineraries, especially when you’re flying, how great would it be to have a holistic system that can help you manage downstream connections? For example, if your flight is delayed and you’ll miss a connecting flight and/or arrive late at your hotel, imagine having a new connection scheduled (according to your specifications) and the hotel notified—automatically.


Extend that concept… Traveling to the host city on Super Bowl weekend? You might be offered discounts for event packages or team gear. Or what if an upgraded seat becomes available on your flight? You could set parameters like “If a seat in first class becomes available, and the cost to upgrade is no more than $100, I want to be automatically upgraded.”


Currently, multiple suppliers manage a portion of your journey: airline, rental car, hotel, dining reservation or event ticketing. In fact, within an airport, multiple vendors might manage aspects like self-check-in, baggage checking, and mobile boarding passes. Communication among these suppliers is often limited or even nonexistent. If all of these touch points could be synchronized, you wouldn’t be stuck waiting in line or calling the help desk when there was a problem and you’d have a far less stressful travel experience.


According to a survey commissioned by NCR, the following themes emerged for traveler preferences:



  • Travelers are comfortable with nearly full automation of routine travel tasks such as airline check-in and car rental vehicle assignments
  • Suggestions and information for airline travel is important, but travelers want control and input on flights and seating
  • While not as high a priority, travelers still see hotel check-in and check-out automation as valuable

Information - Automatic notifications, such as alternate flight information, flight gates, flight status, rental car stall, and hotel room check-in status are positive features

Organization - Travelers like the idea of accessing all their preferences, loyalty programs, past and present itineraries in one location

Upgrades - The ability for travelers to easily perform airline seat upgrades, seat selection and signing up for wait lists is popular


The ideal long-term solution will support the following features to benefit both travel suppliers and travelers.


A company like NCR is poised—with visibility into all aspects of your trip—to make traveling easier and deliver value to all travelers and service providers alike and we’re always thinking of ways to make everyday transactions easier. Who says you can’t find happiness in the journey and the destination?


Check back often, and we’ll keep you posted on the future of travel convenience.