Everyday experiences lead to innovative solutions

By : Nora Chisnell

March 04, 2015 03:34 PM

At Digital Insight, an NCR company, every day experiences lead to innovative solutions.  The company’s approach to innovation includes looking to other industries for inspiration, observation and experimentation.


José Resendiz, chief innovation officer at Digital Insight (DI), leads a team that experiments and implements emerging technologies such as biometrics, wearables, and location-based services using geo-fencing and beacons.  Dubbed DI Labs, the incubator is focused on developing and bringing to market next generation tools and solutions that enable financial institutions to remain competitive, delight their customers, and grow as a business.


Looking to Other Industries for Inspiration


In a recent article for FAST Company, José noted that some of the best ideas come from the most unexpected of places.  Looking to other industries who are innovating can serve as inspiration.  For example, José’s team uses some of the most popular apps to determine why a user stays engaged and plays with some of the newest technology gadgets to understand what makes them so appealing and how they can be used within financial services.  As he mentioned in FAST Company, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut so here a few things to keep in mind:


  • Context is key. Look for those moments where your user is not yet interacting with your brand, but needs them dearly.

  • Question everything. If colleagues are shooting down your concepts using antiquated mindsets, make sure to ask "Why?" and "Why not?"

  • Don’t make your user do more. Think about shortening the path to the experience, and look to those who are nailing the effortless factor.


Observation and Experimentation


Digital Insight begins its design process by observing end users in the digital banking world.  This hands-on, real world research provides valuable information the company uses to develop innovative and meaningful solutions.  It starts with interviewing and surveying end users to fully understand what the problem is before a solution is build.  In order to stay nimble and flexible, Digital Insight tests a basic version of the solution to ensure that the company is first meeting important success metrics, such as user experience and engagement.  Based on learnings from rapid experimentation, Digital Insight quickly retools and experiments again until a solution is created that meets both financial institution and end users’ goals and needs.


DI also partners closely with its financial institution customers. It engages them in pilots allowing DI to quickly test solutions in their environment to understand if the solution is yielding the desired results (for example, adoption, active use and ongoing engagement).


By leveraging data and insights, DI is ensuring that it considers all the pain points from every angle and solves the problem, not just builds a solution based on assumptions.


This understanding of user behaviors is built into DI solutions and helps financial institutions meet their goals.


José and team empower all employees to embrace innovation and recommend new solutions.  The company regularly hosts hackathons.  A recent hackathon led to the integration of Eye Print ID™ technology into Digital Insight’s mobile banking app, leveraging biometrics for a more secure authentication.


Learn more about Digital Insight and how they’re innovating for financial institution customers here.