Accelerating digital to the delight of customers

By : Nora Chisnell

June 22, 2016 01:00 PM

Evolving digital capabilities, including social, mobile, analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) are creating better dining, travel, shopping and banking experiences. We are making these tasks easier, more convenient and faster at a lower cost of service. In the digital age, technological innovation is increasingly a driver for business strategy. It is disrupting everything from the customer experience to the back office; from internal business flows to the supply chain; and from IT infrastructure to big data. It opens the door to new services and innovations.

Digital offerings have quickly evolved beyond simple transactions like checking a bank account balance, finding the nearest restaurant, receiving a digital receipt or scanning a digital boarding pass. Consumers are now using digital for higher-value and more complex transactions, such as ordering lunch, using tap-and-pay on arrival, managing loyalty points and even opening a bank account with a financial institution.


We are working with our customers to move beyond connecting consumers with brick-and-mortar solutions for the bank branch, store, restaurant, gas station, airport, stadium and theater to delivering exceptional and consistent experiences across all digital channels by:


1. Accelerating digital innovations


2. Transforming brick-and-mortar businesses to remain relevant and meet demand


3. Converging the two: creating experiences that weave digital and physical channels in a way that makes for a better experience for the consumer and a lower cost-to-serve for your business 

Did you download the new Chick-fil-A ONE app? So did many, many Chick-fil-A fans in the first few days of its release, making it briefly the number one free download from the App Store. The app lets you order and pay ahead of time, and then upon arrival at the restaurant, you simply tap the I'm Here button. No need to wait in line. The staff will immediately prepare your order—ensuring it’s fresh when you arrive. You then receive a push notification that your order is ready and they call your name—a truly frictionless omni-channel experience. The app is an example of digital and brick-and-mortar coming together in creating omni-channel experiences. Chick-fil-A is one of many companies striving to make the everyday easier for their guests.


The financial industry is seeing the same rapid transition. In fact, over the next five years, more than two-thirds of banking customers in Europe are likely to be self-directed. McKinsey estimates that digital transformation will put one-third of the revenues of banks in play. High-turnover products such as personal loans and payments will form the core of this, but mortgages and accounts are not out of bounds.


Retailers are also challenging yesteryear’s brick-and-mortar models by redefining the customer experience and leveraging digital engagement strategies even inside the physical store. And, with a focus on delivering unified commerce, they are beginning to offer seamless shopping experiences that smoothly integrates the digital and the physical worlds through technology.


“Increasingly, digitally savvy and mobile-enabled consumers expect retailers to offer an integrated online and store-based shopping experience, with services such as wish lists, click (or reserve) and collect, and real-time digital store stock checks, for greater speed, convenience and value,” said Miya Knights, Senior Research Analyst, IDC Retail Insights. “NCR is one of the few vendors currently responding to these challenges by offering retailers the means to meet such challenges via tighter omni-channel integration in a way that is designed to help them maximize the value of their existing IT assets while offering further value and differentiation in highly competitive markets.”


Digital redefines the relationship between the consumer and the business—it makes you the point of service—where and when you want to do business. And it allows customers to define their own shopping journeys, regardless of channel. NCR solutions enable the blurring of these lines and the easy transition between them, regardless of the service, geography or provider.