A day in the life of an NCR customer engineer

By : Nora Chisnell

March 30, 2016 03:00 PM

The network of NCR customer engineers (CEs) is our hard-working, creative problem-solving team that spans the globe. Whether it’s a self-checkout, or kiosk at a bank, stadium, restaurant, grocery or box store, NCR CEs keep vital equipment up and running so you can do you transaction and be on your way. Whether it’s South Dakota, South Africa or even the South Pole, NCR CEs are up to any challenge. They can restore vital equipment knocked out by a monsoon or simply unclog a receipt printer paper jam and everything in between!


CEs get job satisfaction from using their technical skills to solve problems, and thus help others. There are those of us who get frustrated when something doesn’t work and throw up our hands. CEs derive joy from digging in to solve a problem. They not only help keep business running by making sure equipment is operational, they are the everyday face of NCR to our customers. Many of those customers consider NCR CEs as extended members of their team.


Debra started her career at NCR in March, 1981, and enjoys the challenge of troubleshooting hardware and software. She credits NCR for equipping her with the ongoing training and tools she needs, resulting in being recognized as one of NCR’s highest-performing CEs. “NCR has a reputation for having top-notch technicians, and I'm proud to be a part of this group of people. If you’re looking for a challenge, NCR is a great place to work. You won’t be bored. I enjoy the opportunity to work independently while still being part of a team.”


Brian has been an NCR CE for 14 years and is a generalist—he works on all NCR hardware and software in his rural territory. Brian previously worked for an NCR customer, and when the CE assigned to that account was retiring after 37 years, he invited Brian to apply for his position at NCR. This experience as a customer and his 6 years serving on a naval submarine uniquely prepared Brian for life as an NCR CE. “I am fortunate to represent this iconic company. I enjoy working with customers (their customers are mine too), and I like mentoring junior CEs.”


Kimberly started with NCR as a contractor and enjoyed it so much she transitioned to a permanent position. While she didn’t imagine she would be servicing hardware as her career, Kimberly finds it rewarding to problem-solve and please customers. “It’s a fast-paced challenge, which I enjoy, knowing I am making a difference and making my customers happy. While I am proud of the technical skills I have developed, it is the relationships we form with other CEs and customers that makes it worthwhile.”


Kuntal is a CE in a region that requires him to travel on average 120 km per day via bus, train or van. After completing his engineering degree, he joined NCR 3.5 years ago. “It is an unforgettable chapter of my life, and I am very proud to be an NCR employee and ambassador. Customers always come first. I work quickly to identify and resolve problems, and I have been honored for being a high-performing CE. It is a daily commitment, and I enjoy the challenge. NCR is a great place to build a career.”


In more remote areas of the world, NCR CEs travel long, and sometimes treacherous, distances by car, boat, plane or all three to access and support NCR equipment. They take deep pride as ambassadors to customers near and far, keeping their business up and running 365 days a year.


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