Six Tips for Taking Orders from Anywhere

By : Nora Chisnell

May 27, 2015 08:51 PM

No matter what business you’re in, you see it happening more and more: customers are viewing and ordering goods and services from EVERYWHERE. Which is great, right? Because it makes it easier for everyone. But it’s not always easy ensuring technology and systems keep up with the increasing appetite for speed and stellar service. Here are 6 tips from NCR Hospitality to setting up a system of successful multichannel ordering:

1. Make it easy and they will come
When you combine ordering, loyalty, and payment in a single app, your customers don’t even have to think about taking out their wallet (sigh) or that rewards card (ugh, where is that again?). For example, the OpenTable app is integrated with the NCR Aloha point-of-sale solution to bring mobile payments to more diners. To pay with OpenTable, diners who book at participating restaurants add a credit card in the OpenTable app before they dine and then view and pay the check on their smartphone. Bottom line: if the experience isn’t easy, forget it—no one wants another app they have to spend hours to figure out.

2. Train staff to be experts
There’s nothing more embarrassing than your customer showing you how to make a sale. Before launching any part of multichannel ordering, employees must know the system inside and out. Otherwise, the system that was implemented to get more satisfied customers might ultimately drive them off because it’s so frustrating to use.

3. Know the triggers
The whole point of multichannel ordering—to get an order into customers’ hands fast and on their terms—is lost if it can’t be executed quickly once it is triggered. It is important to determine the right process (from automatic recognition beacons and manual check-ins to separate pick-up lines and service operations) and stick to it.

4. Map it out
A customer placed their order and arrived all excited about their purchase—now what? How do they pick up their order? Go to the cashier? Drive around back? Flag down the nearest employee? A well-thought-out plan, visible signage and clear communication are essential to smooth multichannel ordering.

5. Don’t pick sides – Apple vs. Android
It seems like a new mobile wallet is announced each month. Good news! You don’t have to pick sides and align with just one mobile wallet. Don’t get locked into a product that doesn’t give you the flexibility to accept all types of payments and be ready for future payment innovations yet to be discovered.

6. Partner up
What’s a partner’s number one responsibility? To make you look good. They set you up for success, enable the win and are with you all the way—before, during and after an implementation, just like NCR does every day.