NCR’s Manufacturing Facilities Continue to Go GREEN!

By : Nora Chisnell

May 12, 2016 01:00 PM

NCR was among some of the biggest names in the tech sector at the

Information Technology Industry Council (ITIC) event held at the historical

Carnegie Library on May 11, to showcase the company’s latest omni-channel

technology to hundreds of Washington, DC thought leaders. The 2016 ITIC

event is the global voice of the tech sector and as the premier advocacy and

policy organization for the world’s leading innovation companies, the ITI

navigates the relationships between policymakers, companies, and non-

governmental organizations, providing creative solutions that advance the

development and use of technology around the world. Eli Rosner, SVP, Software 

ITIC President & CEO Dean

Garfield; NCR SVP SWS Eli

Rosner; VP Corporate Marketing

& Public Affairs Chief of Staff,

Office of the Chairman and CEO

Marija Zivanovic-Smith

Solutions and several members of the NCR SWS team attended the event and

demonstrated NCR’s new open API software platform to the Beltway crowd,

which included members of Congress and Cabinet officials. NCR was a founding

member of the ITIC in 1916 and was recognized and celebrated for its 100 years

of partnership with the Council and for being a pioneer and innovator in the tech sector.


“NCR has been at the forefront of great disruptive innovations such as

the first electric-powered cash register to thecommercialization of the first

barcode scanners. Today, NCR continues to build on that heritage with our

omni-channel offerings across software and hardware. We can only imagine what the next 100 years of

technology and NCR will bring,” said Rosner.

Prior to the evening event, NCR also participated in the ITI’s Science Technology

Engineering & Math (STEM) showcase that brought students face-to-face with

emerging innovations and next generation technologies. The event gave

students the opportunity to get hands-on experience with an array of technical

and scientific breakthroughs. NCR not only demonstrated to the students the

latest innovations in its software platform, but also highlighted the importance

of the new digital economy and omni-channel experiences in supporting new

jobs, economic growth and making everyday lives easier. NCR proudly

supported the STEM showcase as part of the Centennial celebration to provide

support for continuing to cultivate and inspire the minds of the next generation

of engineers, innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs. “The tech industry faces

a lot of complex issues, and we deal with them much more effectively when we

join forces.  There’s no industry in the world that is as competitive as the tech

industry, and there’s no other industry where technology evolves so rapidly.

Both NCR and the ITI have been a rock of stability in the midst of all so much

change during the past 100 years,” said Marija Zivanovic-Smith, vice president

Corporate Marketing Communications & Public Affairs.















The NCR SWS Team celebrates

at the ITIC centennial event

before demonstrating NCR's

open API platform. (L-R) Lee

Anderson, Don Davidson, Eli

Rosner and Shelley Armstrong.